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  • Stock taking meeting for Ministry’s 11th FYP held

    A one day meeting to share the update and stock taking for the Ministry’s 11th FYP was held on July 6 in Thimphu under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo.

    All the departments and agencies under the Ministry presented their key achievements during the plan. The meeting also served as a forum for discussion, clarification and recommendation. Some of the pertinent state of enterprises issues related with the Ministry was also discussed through the presentations of FCBL, FMCL, BLDCL and GBCL.

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  • AFACI Program Workshop on Horticulture held

    July 4-6, Thimphu: A three-day workshop on ‘Transferring technology on Horticulture’ was attended by participants from 14 member countries to share the information on post-harvest and good agriculture practices in horticulture.

    The results from the workshop will strengthen support from Asian Food and Agriculture Cooperation Initiative (AFACI) in the safe production of horticulture crops and post-harvest technologies applicable in Asia.

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  • Field day to sow Soybeans

    Punakha: A field day to sow Soybeans (Glycine max) in Chimipang, Punakha was organized on 29 June by ARDC-Bajo and National Organic Programme as a part of the JICA Joint Partnership Programme on “Creation of Active Local Communities through the Introduction of Organic Agriculture with the System of Circulating Natural Materials in Bhutan”. The program is basically an adaptive research trial on organic rice production without the use of synthetic herbicides.

    Seven volunteers including the Ex-Minister of Agriculture from Japan, officials from ARDC-Bajo, ARDC-Yusipang, Royal Project-Chimipang and Dzongkhag attended the field day. Two varieties of soybeans were sown, namely, ‘Enrei” imported from Japan and other local variety from Bhutan. The Enrei is said to have high nitrogen fixing ability and has high protein content of 44%.

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