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  • Social Forestry Day Message from the Hon’ble MoAF Minister


    “The Social Forestry Day in Bhutan was launched under the wise guidance of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo in 1979. Since 1985, it is being observed on 2nd June which is the Coronation Day of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

    Forests are very essential for our people who have relied on forests since time immemorial. Food, shelter, clothing, fuel, medicine, furniture, water, soil, oxygen and so forth are all derived from the forest. In Bhutan, about 70 percent of Bhutanese are farmers who live in rural areas and are solely dependent on the forests for their requirement of timber, fuel, fodder and many other forest products needs. Bhutan, in recent years at COP21 has committed to remain carbon neutral with the view that there is no greater need important, than keeping the planet safe for life to continue. The only way forward to make a climate smart environment is to have more trees on the planet.

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  • Sensitisation program for youth on soil, land, watershed management and REDD+ readiness Program

    11 June, 2016, Thimphu: In its quest to create awareness on the importance of sustainable management of the natural resources, the National Soil Services Centre (NSSC) of the Department of Agriculture and Watershed Management Division (WMD) of the Department of Forests and Park Services conducted a sensitisation workshop for youth in six colleges from May 2 to 28, 2016.

    Officials from NSSC and WMD kick-started the month long program from the College of Natural Resources (CNR) and ended from Royal Thimphu College (RTC). The event was participated by over 2000 student participants and faculty members in total.

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  • Paddy Plantation below Dechenphug initiated by MoAF

    May 28, Thimphu: As part of the land development program, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests initiated a paddy plantation on 3 acres of area below Dechenphug Monastery, Thimphu, today.

    Around 100 volunteers led by the Hon’ble Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji took active part in the plantation.
    Around 100 volunteers led by the Hon’ble Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji took active part in the plantation.

    According to the Department of Agriculture, the area till date was left fallow possibly due to wildlife issues and lack of support among others. Officials shared that it took them almost a month to prepare the land suitable for plantation.

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  • Dairy group farmer undergo community fodder plantation

    Untitled-1May 28, Pemagatshel: Thirty dairy farmers of Bartseri Gonor Chirphuen Detshen in Shumar participated in a community fodder plantation program. It was focused on a pilot basis to encourage farmers group to own their fodder bank and earn additional income from sale of fodder stems and slips.

    The livestock sector representatives stated to the farmers that fodder plays a crucial role for the success of dairy farming. However, in Bhutan people are very ambitious and farmers try to compromise with smaller pasture land holding and try to rear more cattle. Smaller land holding has been a concern for fodder development in which Tumbukiza technology derived from Kenya, Africa mainly by limited landholding farmer could be one of the options to address it.

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  • Convocation for Eight Batch Certificate Course

    DSCN617526 May, 2016, Bumthang: The eight batch of certificate course in Conservation, Environment and Forestry Studies (September, 2015 – May, 2016), which was conducted at Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE), formally concluded today with the convocation ceremony. The trainees who attended the course were all in-service candidates who work in different regional office under Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL).

    During the course, trainees were introduced to various forestry basics including forest management, silviculture, forest botany, and even wildlife conservation. After the theory class they were sent on attachment for a period of three months to various NRDCL offices.

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