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  • Experts meet for National Water Symposium

    _50X2509May 10-12, Thimphu: Sixty experts have gathered for the National Water Symposium to discuss water resources in Bhutan and ensure its efficient management.

    The Hon’ble Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay graced the opening of the symposium. Addressing the participants, he shared that managing water resources is one of the important flagship projects prirotised in the 12th FYP. He urged them to focus on how to supply adequate water to the households and how to conserve water. He also urged them to come up with a proper measure to mange water resources in the country.

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  • AI refresher course for livestock extension staff

    AI_refresher_photoThe Dzongkhag Livestock sector is conducting a week long AI refresher course for livestock extension staff of Paro Dzongkhag. The main objective of the refresher course is to update the knowledge and skills of the field staff on AI technology. It has been observed that most of the livestock extension staff who were trained on AI during their Diploma/CNR degree program were not practicing AI due to lack of confidence on AI technology, and those staff who are performing AI in the field are mostly senior certificate holders who have not received any updates on the technology. Therefore, such a refresher course is expected to boost the confidence of these two categories of staff and improve service delivery on AI technology. This program will be followed by Contract Heifer and Bull Production expansion and estrous synchronisation programs in the geogs from 15 to 28 May 2017.

    The refresher course is funded by the Dzongkhag HRD Capacity Development Fund and technically supported by the National Dairy Research Centre and the Regional Livestock Development Centre, DoL, MoAF.

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  • Chief Veterinary Officers from SAARC member countries meet in Thimphu

    A total of thirty-three participants including the CVO’s and representatives from FAO, OIE and SAARC Secretariat are attending the meeting at the Terma Linca Resort in Thimphu.
    A total of thirty-three participants including the CVO’s and representatives from FAO, OIE and SAARC Secretariat are attending the meeting at the Terma Linca Resort in Thimphu (Please click to enlarge)

    May 9-10, Thimphu: The Chief Veterinary Officers (CVOs) from the SAARC member countries have gathered to deliberate on control of infectious animal diseases across nations in the SAARC region as there exists  free movement and informal trade. The member countries share long borders with many other countries.

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  • 112 Foresters undergoing Arms training at Tencholing

    20170508_0949038 May 2017, Wangdue: It’s hot, really hot in Wangdue but for 122 forestry officials who joined for the two-week military and arms training, there is no resting in the shade to evade the sweltering sun. Upon a roar of command by the instructor, they frantically rush for a follow-in. Soon, the colossal roar fills the air reverberating the whole area.

    A total of 122 forestry officials, which includes 33 male officers, 10 lady officers, 57 male Rangers, 5 lady rangers and seven drivers of the Department of Forests and Park Services are currently undergoing arms training at MTC, Tencholing which commenced on 6th May and ends on 20th May 2017.

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