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  • A new indigenous citrus variety identified from Bhutan

    picture1As a part of the study of Phylogenetic Relationships of Citrus and its relatives (focusing on Indigenous Citrus of Bhutan), Tshering Penjor, Principal Research Officer at the ARDC Wengkhar, DoA, MoAF in collaboration with researchers Takashi Mimura, Nobuhiro Kotoda, Ryoji Matsumoto, Atsushi J Nagano, Mie N honjo, Hiroshi Kudoh, Masashi Yamamoto and Yukio Nagano from the University of Kagoshima and University of Saga, Japan identified a new type of wild citrus.

    Locally known as “Kagati” morphologically similar to Mexican lime is found to be genetically different from Mexican lime according to the study. The new identification now called “Himalayan Lime” is found to be a hybrid of Citron and Mandarin where as Mexican lime is a hybrid of Citron and Papeda.

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  • MoAF celebrates Civil Service Award Day

    award-recipients-with-the-honble-dasho-secretaryDecember 16, Thimphu: The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) celebrated the ‘Civil Service Award Day’ at the conference hall of the Royal Institute of Health Sciences.

    The Chief Guest, Dasho Rinzin Dorji, the Hon’ble Agriculture and Forests Secretary awarded the gold, silver and bronze medals to the RNR staff in recognition of their distinguished and meritorious services of 30, 20 and 10 years. Also present at the ceremony were the departmental and agencies heads and senior officials.

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  • Second National Codex Committee Meeting

    1December 14, Thimphu: The Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) organised the second National Codex Committee (NCC) meeting under the chairmanship of Dasho Rinzin Dorji, the Agriculture and Forests Secretary. The NCC members from the Department of Public Health, Bhutan Chambers of Commerce and Industries, Department of Trade, Thimphu Thromde, Department of Livestock, Department of Agriculture and BAFRA attended the meeting.

     Bhutan being one of the member states of Codex Alimentarius Commission, it is obligatory that a country needs to establish a NCC to function as a Technical Advisory Body relating to food standards and other food control matters. Accordingly, Bhutan legalised the establishment of NCC and its roles and responsibilities through Food Act of Bhutan 2005.

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  • Write-shop for Gender Mainstreaming and Knowledge Management Strategy Development

    img_2983A write-shop on strategy development for Gender Mainstreaming and Knowledge Management for the CARLEP programme is being organized from 12 to 18 December, 2018 at Lingmethang ARDSC, Mongar. The write-shop also sensitized the implementing partners of CARLEP on the importance of gender mainstreaming and knowledge management in the programme.

    Apart from recognising the importance of Gender Mainstreaming and Knowledge Management in the Programme, it is in line with CARLEP Project Design Report and the Aide Memoire of recently completed IFAD’s Supervision Mission.

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  • Darla officials receives military training on arms handling and uniform conduct

    cDecember 7 – 8, Chukha: After the Department of Forests and Park Services’ TOT on military training on arms handling and uniform conduct from October 24 to November 5 to 28 officials from various field divisions and park offices, Mr. Tenzin Choigay, a focal person from UWICE has successfully conducted two days training for the Darla Sub-center officials under UWICE.

    This training is a Department of Forests and Park Services’ effort to improve uniform code of conduct and arms handling. The training also inculcates a sense of responsibility, etiquette and office decorum for the forestry personnel.

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