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  • MoU Signed between BBP (MoAF) and FMCL (MoF)

    bbp_fmcl_mou30 December 2016, Thimphu: A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was made and entered into by the Bhutan Biogas Project (BBP), Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL), Paro, a State Owned Enterprise under the Ministry of Finance.

    Under this MoU, FMCL will manufacture/fabricate biogas appliances and accessories which can be manufactured by FMCL while accessories and appliances which cannot be manufactured by FMCL will be imported from abroad for supply to the beneficiaries up to the concerned Gewog Livestock Extension Centres as per their requisition.

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  • Stakeholder Workshop on Biodiversity Statistics of Bhutan

    1Thimphu, 28-29 Dec 2016: The first time ever two days Stakeholder Workshop on Biodiversity Statistics of Bhutan is organized by National Biodiversity Centre (NBC), Serbithang at Ariya Hotel, Thimphu. Presences were the officials from Ministry of Health, Bhutan Trust Fund, WWF and officials from the Agriculture & Forests Ministry.

    Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where each species, no matter how small, all have an important role to play. And so, while we dominate this planet, we still need to preserve the diversity in wildlife. Consequently NBC initiated to have collaboration and supportive interaction with different stakeholders to check list latest mammals, birds, plants and all kinds of species. This may perhaps be also a platform for discussing further collaboration, data sharing modality and identification of relevant agencies to lead on updating information on specifics biodiversity groups.

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  • BIMSTEC Expert Group on Agricultural Cooperation meets for the 5th time

    bimstec-delegates-witht-eh-minister-of-agriculture-and-forests28 December,Thimphu: Experts from Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Nepal are here in the country attending the Fifth Meeting of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Expert Group on Agricultural Cooperation.

    The BIMSTEC experts group are discussing on intensify agricultural cooperation among the member states as a follow up to the commitment made by the BIMSTEC leaders at Goa in 2016.

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  • Research Paper on Distribution and Conservation Status of Bhutan Takin (Budorcas whitei)

    taA new research paper on Bhutan Takin has been published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa by the researcher from the UWICE. This paper reports the current distribution and conservation status of Bhutan Takin. It also highlights that the animal is endemic to Bhutan and it is now considered as a full species i.e. Budorcas whitei.


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  • Animal health care and ethno-veterinary practices in Sakteng

    untitled-1To understand the animal health care knowledge in Sakteng, a semi-structure interview with 50 herders were carried out. The result showed that 70% of yak herders did not obtain any animal health and diseases related training. Only 30% of herders have participated in various training. The remoteness of yak herds and illiteracy was the main reasons for many of them not attending the training as most of them were engaged in herd chores and yaks. Those respondents who had obtained training were household heads residing in the village. Thus, it was noticed that the farmer’s knowledge on animal health care is still limited in Sakteng.

    Practicing of ethno-veterinary service plays a vital role in such remote highlands. The sick animals are treated with local herbal medicines called, Tsendu (Aconitum feros) and performing rituals to local deities for recovery. The herders shared that the ethno-veterinary service is effective to treat fracture of animal limbs. Castration of yak bulls and horses has been ideally practicing and is one of the most substantial services provided by local healers. Thus, as per the study, herders still practiced traditional way of farming.

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