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  • Bhutan and ICIMOD meets for Country Consultation Meeting

    Discussing the key priorities and opportunities
    Discussing the key priorities and opportunities

    November 20-21, Thimphu: A country consultation meeting was organised between Bhutan and ICIMOD at Hotel Le Meridian. More than thirty participants including the policy makers, experts on sustainable mountain development, civil society organisations and private sectors gathered to discuss priorities required for ICIMOD support in the Mid Term Action Plan IV (MATP IV). It also provided a forum to review and strengthen the existing partnerships and identify potential partners for the future.

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  • Income diversification through pullet production

    untitled-1Pemagatshel: The dairy group of Bartseri has initiated the pullet production to diversify income following the awareness program provided by the Livestock Sector. A cost benefit analysis was done and discussed with members on the profitability of pullet production within a short span of time.

    The day old chicks were procured from the Regional Poultry and Pig Breeding Centre, Lingmethang at Nu.30/chick to be reared by the group for 42 days and will be sold at Nu.180/chick. All the expenses will be met by the group while the technical support will be provided by the Sector along with a market assurance at the end of the pullet production.

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  • Locally grown organic potato available at CFM

    untitled-2Thimphu: A locally grown organic potato from Gasa is now available at a sale counter at the Centenary Farmers Market (CFM) in Thimphu.

    Two farmers from Gasa set off a potato production of about 2000 kilograms (2 MT) totally organic with support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests to create awareness and encourage people growing and buying organic. This significant program is being initiated on a trial basis to help people understand the importance of organic products and boost farmers’ cash income. Continue reading  Post ID 6663

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  • Director of DoA appointed

    3-118 November, Thimphu: Ms. Kinlay Tshering has been appointed as the new Director for the Department of Agriculture (DoA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF). She formerly served as the Chief Horticulture Officer for Horticulture Division, DoA, MoAF.

    Ms. Kinlay joined the civil service in 1999 as a researcher and has served for RNR research centers in Khangma, Wengkhar, Yusipang. She then joined the Council for RNR Research of Bhutan, MoAF as the Dy. Chief Research Officer in 2010.

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