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  • 4th National Working Group Meeting

    6-7 April, Punakha: The National Organic Flagship Programme Coordination Unit (NOFP-CU) under the Department of Agriculture conducted 4th National Working Group Meeting (NWG).

    The NWG member comprises different stakeholders from policy, research, extension, private sector, marketing and regulation sector. The NWG is responsible for development of the organic sector in Bhutan and takes technical decisions to guide the direction of the organic farming sector.

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  • Upcoming: Rice Fortification Workshop

    Bhutan has taken initiatives of rice fortification which started with a school feeding program in 2017 to supplement 8 micro nutrient and minerals as per the World Food Programme standards that are mostly lacking in the Bhutanese diets as per the recommendation of the Ministry of Health.

    The initiative has been an exemplary among many developing countries, worth noting and sharing the experiences. Hence a regional awareness and experience workshop is scheduled both virtually and physically on 15-16 April 2021 at Punakha with expert speakers from Thailand, Bangladesh, India and Bhutan.

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  • Dog vaccination program underway in Pemagatshel

    The Community Animal Birth Control (CABC) and Mass Dog Vaccination program is underway in Nganglam Dungkhag, Pemagatsel. The program will ensure the welfare of the dog population, control the population of stray dogs and reduce the number of free-roaming dogs to a manageable level as well as prevent the canine related diseases especially Rabies.

    Nganglam which is bordering Assam state of India and due to steady increase in the human population, the number of the free roaming dogs have increased over the years which leads to increased risk of rabies and dog bites especially to the school going children.

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  • 10th Annual Agent Meeting for Karma Feeds in Pemagatshel

    Pemagatshel: Tenth annual agent meeting for Karma Feed in Pemagatshel was convened on April 2 with participants from feed agents, the chairman of farmer groups, progressive farm owners and the livestock officials from the Dzongkhag. The meeting was organized by the Karma Group, Thimphu in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector.

    The meeting created awareness to livestock farmers on Karma Feeds, Karma One Stop Shop, and Karma Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Supply. It also discussed various feed issues in the Dzongkhag and way forward. The Karma Feeds’ Director, Chencho Wangyal stressed to the participants that the company has initiated bag identification for various feed types to let even illiterate farmers make the right choice of feed from the bag colour as in the past there were issues on feeding wrong feed to the livestock animal.

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  • Environmental & Social Management Framework (FSAPP)

    The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) in collaboration with the World Bank applied for additional financing for the Food Security & Agriculture Productivity Project (P155513) under the Department of Agriculture in August 2020 to the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP). The GAFSP Steering Committee approved the request in October 2020 and additional financing of USD 4.64m was sanctioned as grant. The additional fund is granted by the GAFSP to the RGoB to support the agriculture sector impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the earlier grant of USD 8m. Accordingly, the closing date of the project is also revised from 30 December, 2022 to 30 December, 2024.

    The additional financing grant was approved within the same Project Development Objective of increasing the agricultural productivity and enhancing access to markets for the selected 29 Gewogs in 5 Dzongkhags of Haa, Chhukha, Dagana, Sarpang & Samtse as given below:

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