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  • Experts from Asia-Pacific Countries discuss Zoonotic Influenza

    August 29-31, Paro: Sixty-nine participants from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, DPR Korea, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam gathered for the Asia-Pacific Workshop on zoonotic influenza. They discussed issues and way forward for better surveillance, prevention and control of zoonotic influenza.

    Sixty-nine participants gathered for the Asia-Pacific Workshop on zoonotic influenza at Paro
    Sixty-nine participants gathered for the Asia-Pacific Workshop on zoonotic influenza at Paro
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  • 2nd Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting of SFaMP-II

    31 August, Thimphu: The members of the Joint Coordinating Committee of Strengthening Farm Mechanization Project Phase-II (SFaMP-II) discussed on the proposal to include Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL) as a counterpart organisation and also to extend the project period by another year during the 2nd Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting of SFaMP-II.

    Due to the bifurcation of Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC) to FMCL, the objective of improved (hiring) service provision model of farm machinery which was initially mandated with AMC is now undertaken by FMCL. And since this objective is also an output for the project SFaMP-II, the project committee proposed to include FMCL as a counterpart organisation.

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  • Launching a Nation Wide Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool for Protected Areas of Bhutan

    A50X0047August 29, Thimphu: Protected Areas (PAs) which cover almost 51% of Bhutan’s area provide a safe haven for some of the most endangered species on our planet and serve as critical reserves for eastern Himalayan biodiversity. With some of the earliest PAs having been established in the 1960s, PAs have witnessed tremendous growth and seen substantial financial and manpower investments.

    Traditional forms of monitoring which only audit physical and financial progress have not yielded required insights to inform and improve management of Protected Areas. With the intent of measuring success and informing future management, a Bhutan METT Plus (Management Effective Tracking Tool) was successfully piloted in four protected areas (Royal Manas, Jigme Singye Wanchuck, Phrumsengla and Wangchuck Centennial). The methodology is adapted from IUCN’s standard methodology, and adapted for Bhutan’s context to also address climate change and ecosystem services, with a guidance annexure on threat levels. Self-assessments from this process will further undergo external review to validate findings. The exercise revealed important lessons on how to improve management by highlighting the efficacy of anti-poaching stints and community development programs.

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