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  • French Ambassador calls on Hon’ble Agriculture and Forests Lyonpo

    DSC06350April 27: His Excellency, Mr. Alexandre Ziegler, the Ambassador of France to India called on the Hon’ble Agriculture and Forests Lyonpo, Yeshey Dorji. The Ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Francois from New Delhi and Dr. Francoise Pommaret from the Royal University of Bhutan.

     During the meeting, their Excellencies talked on the possible areas of cooperation in terms of agriculture, forests, food processing and niche products. The Ambassador also shared his interest in the technical cooperation.

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  • Hon’ble Lyonpo attends the 10th Asia-Pacific Cooperative Minister’s Conference


    April 18-21: The Hon’ble Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture & Forests (MOAF), Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji, participated in the 10th Asia-Pacific Cooperative Minister’s Conference on Visioning ahead to 2030; “Promoting Stranger Partnership between Government and Cooperative Stakeholders in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals” at Hanoi, Vietnam.

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  • Sensitisation on FNCRR of Bhutan, 2017- Samdrup Jongkhar

    sensitisationSamdrup Jongkhar: Forests being a lifeline for Bhutan’s economy and also serving as a livelihood for many Bhutanese, its protection and sustainable use for present and future generations is essential. Article 5, Section 3 of the Constitution of Bhutan ensures the future of forestry in Bhutan. Application of science in Bhutanese forest began with Bhutan Forest Act, 1969 which was repealing and replacing the Forest and Nature Conservation Act of Bhutan, 1995. In exertion of the powers and duties conferred under the Forest and Nature Conservation Act of Bhutan, 1995. Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, promulgates series of Forest and Nature Conservation Rule in 2000, 2003, 2006 and fourth edition being called Forest and Nature Conservation Rules and Regulations of Bhutan, 2017 which superseded above editions.

    This new rule was sensitised to its frontline staffs to improve the prosecution rate, legal actions and smooth implementation and to avoid conflict of interest (COI). As, foresters are custodian and paramilitary force which play pivotal roles in guarding the natural resources which is national asset. This warrants high discipline as enforcement personal, with completion of sensitisation to new rule, enforcement foresters are confident to keep within the framework of rule.

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  • Better road access for Nagor and Weringla farmers

    WeChatImage636275876796142351April 11, Mongar: A 9 km farm road from Nagor under Silambi geog to Weringla under Gongdue geog has been completed. It will benefit 333 households (hhs) in Silambi and 343 hhs in Gongdue.

    According to the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, the new road will connect two communities to their Drungkhag office and Yenla Dratshang helping them to avail their timely services and will ensure the efficient delivery of basic services.

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  • FRESH Chillies from Trashiyangtse for sale at CFM

    ChiliApril 18, Thimphu: About 1500 MT of fresh Chillies from Trashiyangtse are available for sale at the auction yard of the Centenary Farmers’ Market (CFM) from today onwards. Chillies were collected from individual farmers of Yalang geog.

    The Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, Trashiyantse jointly with DAMC and Youth Business Cooperative (YBC) facilitated the sale. A kilogram of Chili is being sold at Nu. 300/-

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