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  • Chukhha Livestock Officials attend refresher training course on Artificial Insemination

    Chukhha: About 15 Livestock Extension Staffs of Chhukha Dzongkhag Livestock Sector attended a week-long training on Artificial Insemination (AI) techniques held from 16-23 April 2021 at the RNR Extension Centre, Chapcha. Dr. D B Rai, the Animal Reproduction Specialist and Abi Narayan, Sr. AI Technician from the National Dairy Research and Development Centre in Yusipang imparted the ideas and skills on AI to participants along with the latest development in the animal breeding programme at the national and the field levels.

    With the completion of training, the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector will have more skilled staff to cater AI services as the main activity and foster quality dairy breeding in the field which will subsequently enhance productivity in the dairy Sector. In the coming years, the Dzongkhag will have additional AI centres to cater AI services to the farmers.

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  • Two new species of snails discovered from Bhutan

    Two new species of snails discovered from Bhutan: Sinoennea bhucylindrica from Pema Gatshel and Sinnoennea nimai from Zhemgang. An article describing and reporting the two new discoveries was published in the Basteria journal in April 2021. The two new species are determined using DNA sequencing along with morphological descriptions. Sinoennea bhucylindrica has cylindrical shell with the whorls having prominent ribs and Sinnoennea nimai has broad shell above the middle which narrow downs the base. In another article, two new records of a snail and a mussel are reported from Bhutan: Pisidium stewarti and Tibetoradix cf. hookeri from Jomolhari.

    The specimens of the species are deposited at the National Invertebrate Repository Centre under the National Biodiversity Centre (NBC) in Serbithang, Thimphu.

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  • Dangdung Water Project completes in Trongsa

    28 April, Trongsa: The Dangdung Water Project in Langthel gewog launched in January 2021 is completed ahead of the project time. The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo handed over the water scheme to the beneficiaries including 1 intake structure, 1 reservoir of 20,000 litres, a total pipe length of 9.5 km and 9 tap stands.

    The project will benefit 65 households with a population of 285 in Dangdung chiwog by supplying them safe and reliable drinking water. Around 40 De-suups trained on water resource management were involved in the project costing around Nu.2.4 M.

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  • Construction of Cham Dey-Gangchhu bridge in Trongsa kick started

    Trongsa:  The Hon’ble Sanam Lyonpo, Yeshey Penjor yesterday attended a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the 120-feet Cham Dey-Gangchhu bridge in Trongsa.
    The bridge near Bjeezam will connect Nubi gewog benefiting about eight villages: Jongthang, Karshong, Semji, Dranzhing, Chella, Kaba, Bemji and Pang.

    The flash flood in October last year washed away the old bridge along with almost 200 m stretch of road, a shop and two huts affecting six households.

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  • Facilitating Third-Party Certification of Agro-based CSI Products

    19-20 April, Bumthang: A two-day workshop on “Finalization of Scheme of Testing and Inspection (STI) for Cottage and Small Industries (CSI) based food products” was held in Bumthang.

    The workshop was organized as part of initiatives towards achieving Domain 5 of CSI Flagship Program: MARKET ACCESS, for agro-based CSI products through standardization, testing and certification. The workshop finalized the following technical STIs (drafted in November 2020) to certify food products as per the National Standards:

    1. Draft Scheme of testing and inspection manual for Buckwheat Flour as per BTS 303:2020
    2. Draft Scheme of testing and inspection manual for Butter as per BTS 299:2020
    3. Draft Scheme of testing and inspection manual for Datshi as per BTS 300: 2020
    4. Draft Scheme of testing and inspection manual for Herbal Tea as per BTS 304:2020
    5. Draft Scheme of testing and inspection manual for Paneer as per BTS 301: 2020 (IS 10484:1983)

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