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  • Livestock Sector, Lhuentse Working Continued Towards Sustainable Dairy Production.

    115.05.2017, Lhuentse: With the objectives of sustainable dairy production to enhance rural livelihoods and increase import substitute of dairy products the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Lhuentse is working continued towards promotion of dairy farming activity. For the fiscal year 2017-2018 alone we have procured 55 heads of high milking cattle to the dairy groups such as Tangmachu, Minjey, Jarey and Ney. The dairy cows (Jersey) were in-sourced from various Dzogkhags to Lhuenste farmers through providing 30% subsidy, cattle insurance and availing loan from Rural Enterprise Development Cooperation Limited (REDCL).

    Currently, with this program reinforce there is an observed substantial increase in milk products such as butter and cheese available found in the locality by dairy group farmers. In-sourcing of dairy cattle would not only found the significant changes in socio-economic life of the rural farmers but it has also directly impacts on import substitute of dairy products from neighbouring countries.

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  • Crossbreeding and Gross National Happiness of Bhutanese farmers

    Dr. Tashi Samdup, DIRECTOR GENERAL, Department of Livestock (DoL) was awarded with PhD. on May 16, 2018 (afternoon) at WAGENINGEN University of Research, Netherlands.
    Dr. Tashi Samdup, DIRECTOR GENERAL, Department of Livestock (DoL) was awarded with PhD. on May 16, 2018 (afternoon) at WAGENINGEN University of Research, Netherlands.

    Bhutan has embarked on the gross national happiness (GNH) development concept. However, its operationalisation still needs more focus on the issues of the smallholder farmers which comprise about 69% of the Bhutanese population.

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  • ToT on new crop cutting manual for Paddy yield estimation underway at Punakha

    A 3 days Training of Trainers (ToTs) workshop on the new crop-cut methodology for paddy yield estimation is underway at Punakha from 17th May 2018 – 19th May 2018. The ToT is organized by the RNR Statistics Division of the Ministry of Agriculture IMG_3154and Forests and is attended by Assistant Dzongkhag Agriculture Officers from all 20 Dzongkhags, Agriculture Research and Development Centres and CNR. The development of the new crop cut methodology was supported by FAO as part of the Global Strategy to Improve Agriculture and Rural Statistics initiative.

    In the same workshop but in a parallel session mode, District Livestock Officers from 6 Dzongkhags and representatives from the Regional Livestock Development Centres are also present to discuss way forward to streamline the collection of administrative data on livestock indicators and its flow from the field to RSD. Advantage is also taken of the forum to sensitize the participants on the strategy and the questionnaire for the upcoming RNR Census planned to be conducted in early 2019.

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  • Press Release: ICIMOD-Bhutan Partners’ Day Thimphu, May 16

    The Bhutan-ICIMOD Partner’s Day will be celebrated as part of the Board of Governor’s meeting of the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests on May 16.partnersday

    The main objective of Partners’ Day is to strengthen ICIMOD’s engagement and enhance partnerships in Bhutan by aligning ICIMOD’s MTAP IV activities and the priorities of Bhutan’s twelfthFive Year Plan. It will provide a platform for mutual learning and sharing, and present networking opportunities for national partners in the country with regard to ICIMOD programme implementation. The event will also offer ICIMOD partners in Bhutan the opportunity to showcase their work to the ICIMOD Board of Governors and the ICIMOD Support Group.

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