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  • Interview result announcement

    In pursuance to the shortlisted announcement vide letter no. 2(04)RLDC/T/2017-2018/594 dated 28/06/2018, the Regional Livestock Development Centre, Tsimasham is pleased to announce the result of the Elementary Service Personal staff selection interview held on 4th July 2018 for the post of Helper(Lab. utility) as following:

    The selected candidate is asked to report to RLDC,Tsimasham office on 9th July 2018 for further instruction and to process for drug test report as per section 4.11.2,Chapter 4, BCSR, 2018 and submit to HRD, Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for appointment.

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  • Shortlisted candidates for ESP

    In pursuance to the job Vacancy re-announcement letter no. 2(04)RLDC/T/2017-2018/577 dated 19/06/2018, the RLDC, office is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for r the post of Helper(Lab. utility).

    Therefore, shortlisted candidates are requested to report on 4th July,2018 (10.00 am) at RLDC office,Tsimasham for interview along with orginal documents.

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  • Selected Candidates Announcement

    The National Veterinary Hospital, Motithang is pleased to Announce the selected candidates for the following post under ESP Category.

    Sl. No.Name of CandidatesPositionsCID No.Position categoryPlace of postingRemarks
    1Jangchu WangdiHelper10207000805ESPNVH, MotithangSelected
    2.Renuka GhalleyHelper11202000953ESPNVH, MotithangSelected
    3.Yonten JamtshoNight Guard10701000153ESPNVH, MotithangSelected


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