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  • Message on World Rabies Day (28 September 2014) from Minister, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests

    Rabies is a fatal and neglected zoonotic disease that causes an estimated 55,000 deaths in annually withan average of one death every 10 minutes in the world.Most of these deaths occurin developing countries of Asia (about 20,000 deaths per year in India alone) and Africa where domestic dogsare the principal reservoir and a vector for human rabies transmission,and where rabies control programmes are inadequate.

    Rabies was prevalent in most parts of Bhutan until the early 1990s but has been controlled mainly through mass vaccination and sterilization program. Currently rabies is prevalent in the southern districts of Bhutan bordering India and causes deaths in both human and livestock. However, re-emergence of rabies in dogs and subsequent spill-over infection to other domestic animals have also been reported in previously free areas of east and south-western districts of Bhutan indicating the risk of re-emergence of rabies in the country if proper surveillance and control program are not implemented. Fifty-nine of the 205 sub-districts have reported rabies in animals from 1996 to 2012 with increased incidences in the four districts in southern Bhutan (Sarpang, Chhukha, Samtse, Samdrup Jongkhar). A total of 943 rabies cases were reported in domestic animals during the same period. Dogs are the main reservoirs for rabies in Bhutan and therefore, it is important to control rabies in dogs through vaccination and sterilization.

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  • Fodder Station- An Additional Source of Income for Highland Community

    Fodder station at Gyentsa
    Fodder station at Gyentsa

    As per the annual work plan (2013-14) of the Rangeland Unit, NCAN Bumthang, the first fodder station in high altitude area in Bhutan was established at Gyentsa under Sephu Geog in Wangdue Dzongkhag in June 2014. The fodder station development program was being implemented in close collaboration with the Dzongkhag Livestock sector, Wangdue under Laya –Sephu project through funding support from Bhutan Trust for Environment Conservation (BTFEC). Gyentsa is officially two days walk from Sephu and located at an altitude of 3700 metres above sea level. Seven households who own yak from Longtey village are the main beneficiaries and engaged in developing fodder station with technical support from the NCAN.

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  • Panel Discussion on ‘Long Term Dog Population Management in Thimphu Thromde’

    There will be a Panel Discussion today on the Long Term Dog Population Management in Thimphu Thromde after 6.00 PM news on BBS TV. The panelist are Dasho Thrompon, Thimphu Thromde,Dr. Kinzang Dukpa, Program Director, NCAH Serbithang and Dr. Pema Tshewang, Sr. VO, Chubachu.

    Everyone is encouraged to take part.

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  • Training on Livestock Production and Management

    Untitled25- 29 August, 2014.  RDTC, Zhemgang in collaboration with Karma Feed and Karma One Stop Shop is conducting training on Livestock Production and Management. The total of 20 participants from Karma Group of Companies and feed agents from various Dzongkhags are attending the training. The training is facilitated by the resource persons from RLDC and RDTC, MoAF, Zhemgang. During the training the topics will be covered on general Animal Nutrition, Dairy, Poultry, Piggery and Business Plan Development.

    The demonstration and presentation on Karma One Stop Shop and also on Farm Tractor, Farm Equipment, Agriculture Tools, Pharmaceuticals and other products will be demonstrated at the end of the Training.

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