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  • Airfare Quotation

    Department of Livestock would like to request the ticketing agents to submit your Airfare quotations rates for the following sector as per the terms and conditions listed below:

    RemarksDate of travelDepartureArrivalNo.of passengers
    Option One20th March 2016ParoKolkata -Pune2 Paxs: EC
    3rd April 2016PuneKolkata2 Paxs: EC
    4th April 2016KolkataParo2 Paxs: EC
    Option Two20th March 2016ParoDelhi -Pune2 Paxs: EC
    3rd April 2016PuneDelhi2 Paxs: EC
    4th April 2016DelhiParo2 Paxs: EC

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  • Notification

    This is to notify all civil servants under Ministry of Agriculture and Forests that as a part of the Bhutan Civil Service Reform, Career Progression for Supervisory & Support Category has been amended by the Royal Civil Service Commission vide letter no. RCSC/BCSS-Reform/2015-2016/2808 dated March 4, 2016 which is attached herewith.

    In line with the Notification, the civil servants whose promotion has been stagnated are requested to process for 1st July 2016 promotion subject to fulfillment of promotion criteria prescribed in the Notification vide RCSC/LS-63/2016/2737 dated 4th March 2016 which is also attached herewith. The concerned departments/non-departmental agencies shall further circulate the Notification to their respective RDCs/centres/field offices under it.

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  • Mass Rabies Vaccination Campaign held at Samdrupjongkhar

    Untitled-1Samdrupjonkhar: The incidences of the puppies’ death due to weakness and extreme cold stress were reported in Orong geog in December 2015. Later, a case of a Jersey cross calf bitten by own pet dog at Melung village in lower Orong was reported to the Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospital (DVH). The dog was observed clinically for its unusual behaviours however, it died after three days. A team from DVH visited the site with the rapid test kits (RTK) for sample collection. The test showed significant result indicating rabies virus infection. Later, the tested sample at the National Centre for Animal Health (NCAH) reconfirmed the rabies.

    Similar cases were reported again at Orong, Narphung and Samdrupjongkhar Thromdey areas where another two calves bitten tested positive. The Dzongkhag Livestock Sector reported to the concerned Departments for further investigation to reduce the risk of human transmission.

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  • Umling farmers availed hands on training on Straw Treatment

    Umling farmers engaged in straw treatment
    Umling farmers engaged in straw treatment

    Sarpang: Umling Ma Datse Tshogpa with their efforts in dairy animal rearing as an inseparable and integrated part of smallholder subsistence farming system had taken a step forward to rearing Jersey crossed bred cattle. Their interest for exotic high yielding dairy farming was encouraged through group marketing initiative to help organised product marketing.

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