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  • Towards Enhancing Dairy Product Quality

    Based on the findings of research conducted by National Dairy Research and Development Center (NDRDC), Yusipang, milk supplied by the farmers is of poor quality in terms of adulteration and microbial load. It is imperative that milk indented for production of products should be of high quality with low microbial load.

    As a follow up action to the initial findings, a team from the NDRDC in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Sarpang conducted training on Clean Milk Production for the dairy farmers of Gelephu Om Detshen. It was conducted from 7-9 January at the RNR Centre, Gelephu.

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  • Awareness campaign to strengthen dairy farming in Pemagatshel

    An awareness campaign was organised in Shumer gewog, Pemagatshel on 18 January to uplift the dairy farming through self-help group (SHG) and encourage public participation and increase group members. The campaign was also aimed at encouraging others to take up dairy group activities and the role of youth in livestock farming.

    During the campaign, farmers were sensitized on the Rural Enterprise Development Corporation Limited (REDCL) loans to promote livestock farming in Dzongkhag. The importance of fodder plantation and breed improvement was further stressed.

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  • Quarg Cheese Production: Innovation in dairy product diversification

    Training on Quarg cheese production was conducted from 10-12 January for the Dzongkhag extension staffs of 12 gewogs and two plant workers of the Louten Om Detshen (LOD) at Yoghurt plant, Sarpang. Quarg cheese is an acid coagulated fresh unripened variety of cheese with high nutritional value.

    The training was aimed to develop a new dairy product for display during the Southern Foothills Festival which was held from 16-18 January.

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  • Coordination Workshop on National Highland Development Program held

    Three-days Coordination Workshop on Highland Development Program was held at the conference hall of regional revenue and custom office(RRCO), Gelephu from 13-15th January on the theme Promotion, Protection and Preserve yaks and highlanders.

    The main objectives of the coordination workshop was to sensitize the highland dzongkhags and central agencies on the National Highland Development Program(NHDP), to draw 12th Five Year Plan of NHDP  and deliberate the implementation of the current plan period, and to develop strategy of Gid eradication Program.

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  • Workshop on Dog Population Management (DPM) and Animal Health

    January 9-12, 2020: A four-day Dog Population Management (DPM) and Animal Health coordination workshop was organized in Regional Revenue and Custom’s Office (RRCO) conference hall, Gelephu. The workshop with the theme, “fostering team building for enhanced collaboration and effective service delivery of animal health services” was conducted with the objective to update and sensitize participants on animal health policies, strategies, plans, guidelines and projects, strengthen collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, share field and technical experiences and deliberate on issues that encumber effective delivery of animal health services in the country.

    The two highlights of the workshop were the “World Café” session which enabled the participants to discuss on critical topics and come up with way forwards related to Dog Population Management in Bhutan and the “Technical presentation” session which saw a range of technical presentations broadly classified under three themes, “Research and parasites”, “Case studies – Obstetrics, surgery and medicine” and “epidemiological researches”. On the last day of the workshop, Dr. Tashi Samdup (PhD), the Director General of Department of Livestock inaugurated official website for Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC) Zhemgang.

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