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  • Air Ticketing Quotation

    Forest Resources Management Division, Department of Forests and Park Services, MoAF, Thimphu is pleased to invite sealed bids from the eligible license holders for the supply of air tickets for one official as per the following terms and conditions.

    Sl. No.NameTravel DateSectorClass
    1Jamyang14/05/2016Paro-BangkokFull Fare Economy

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  • Airfare Quotation

    The Wildlife Conservation division, Department of Forests and Park Services, MoAF would like to request the ticketing agents to submit your Airfare quotations rates for the following sector as per the terms and conditions listed below:

    Date of TravelSectorNo. of Passengers
    25 April, 2016Paro-Bangkok-Hanoi4 Paxs. EC
    2 May, 2016Hanoi-Bangkok4 Paxs. EC
    4 May, 2016Bangkok-Paro4 Paxs. EC

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  • Fourth Annual Rhododendron festival at Royal Botanical Park concludes successfully

    The park harbours 29 of the 46 Rhododendron species found in Bhutan
    The park harbours 29 of the 46 Rhododendron species found in Bhutan

    15 – 17 April 2016, Royal Botanical Park, Lamperi: The Fourth Annual Rhododendron Festival held from 15 to 17 April 2016 at the Royal Botanical Park at Lamperi near Dochula pass showcasing 29 of the 46 Rhododendrons found in Bhutan concluded yesterday. The festival was celebrated with the theme, ‘Bio-cultural Diversity’ exhibiting the park’s biodiversity and variety of park resident’s culture.

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  • Broom Grass Farming and Making, an alternative source of income in Sarpang

    Untitled-1Sarpang: The Broom grass, scientifically known as Thysanolaena maxima, has emerged as one of the most widely cultivated cash crops in Gakidling geog. It is from Poaceae family and commonly known as kucho/amlisho, in southern Bhutanese language. It is grown in the marginal fallow lands by two non-wood forest product (NWFP) groups of Sangkha and lower Muga villages.

    The villagers cultivate kucho as a mixed crop for its inflorescences or clusters of flowers that are used for making brooms. It provides fodder during the lean period every year as well. Broom grass is a unique gift, an eco-friendly product that brings the rural communities closer to nature from the start of each day as one cleans the floor with broom grass every morning.

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  • Third Asian Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation underway in New Delhi

    20160412_165221April 12-14, New Delhi: The 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on tiger conservation is underway in New Delhi. Hosted by Government of India (GoI) and co-organised by the Global Tiger Forum (GTF) and the Global Tiger Initiative Council (GTIC), the conference is convened at a time when Global Media reports the first increase of global wild tigers by 20% from the 2010 baseline of 3200 tigers. Today, the population of global wild tiger is estimated at 3890.

    The conference was inaugurated by His Excellency, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister emphasised the need for collective efforts among the Tiger Range Countries (TRC’s).

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