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  • Rare and elusive Clouded Leopard rescued from Punakha

    sedated-clouded-leopard18 October 2016, Thimphu: In what could go down the history of wildlife rescue, forestry officials of wildlife rescue centre at Taba and Wangdue Forest Division together rescued a clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) aged 6-7 years which was caught in an old cable snare set supposedly to ward off wild pest from vegetable garden at Mendrelgang in Punakha on October 16, 2016.

    According to rescue officials, the incident was reported by the farmer to the area Resoop who in turn reported to the concerned officials. “When we reached there, we found the clouded leopard caught in the cable snare,” said one of the rescue team members, Tsencho Tshering.

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  • Interview result for the post of Nursery Caretaker, ESP

    Gedu Forest Division is pleased to announce the selected candidate for the post of Nursery Caretaker, (ESP) as detailed below.

    Sl No.Name of the CandidatesCID No. Place of Posting Average Score in 100%Remarks
    1Shermaya Ghalley11209000265 

    Gedu Range under Gedu Forest Division

    60.7Not Selected
    2Deepa Devi Raini1021100102175.2Selected
    3Yagu Maya Ghalley1120200007369.7Not Selected

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  • A deer fawn rescued in Tsirang

    mmexport147602766422910 October 2016, Thimphu: Forest officials rescued a female deer fawn aged less than a year, from an unidentified predator which looked like a cat species at 4 PM on 7 October 2016. A group of forest officials were on patrolling in the Reserboo forest, Medrelgang gewog in Tsirang when they encountered a fawn being pursued by a predator, which ran away after seeing them.

    They carried the fawn and is being currently kept at a improvised rescue enclosure at Mendrelgang forest beat office. According a Sr. Forest Ranger, Kinley of Mendrelgang beat office, the fawn is being fed with grass and cow’s milk. “It has sustained not much of injury except for a small one on its nose,” said Kinley, adding the fawn for now is feeding well. “It nibbles the tender grass we feed and drank the cow’s milk,” said Kinley.

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  • Himalayan Palm Civet electrocuted at Kurizam

    An electrocuted Himalayan Palm Civet at Kurizam, Mongar
    An electrocuted Himalayan Palm Civet at Kurizam, Mongar

    A Himalayan Palm Civet (Puguma larvata Himlton-Smith, 1827) was found dead after being electrocuted on 27 September 2016 at Kurizam, Mongar in a Chirpine forest (N27°16′21.1″, E091°11′36.3″, 569m) near its human settlement. One of the residents reported the incident through a phone to the Central Park Range Office, Phrumsengla National Park.

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