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  • Tiger on the prowl at Lamai Goempa Dzong in Bumthang

    IMG_1299The camera trapping team from Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) has captured tiger prowling in the UWICE research preserve, near Lamai Goempa Dzong, Bumthang. This is the first time, a tiger has been captured in remote camera near Lamai Gompa. The camera trapping exercise was initiated as part of the long term wildlife monitoring in the UWICE research preserve from mid May, 2016. More than 50 remote camera traps are set in the 2000 hectares research preserve. The UWICE research preserve was established in 2014 for conducting forestry and wildlife research.

    The result of the camera trapping exercise indicates that UWICE research preserve is home to many other iconic and endangered wildlife species like red panda, wild dog, musk deer, monal pheasant, common leopard, golden cat and Himalayan black bear. In addition, many prey species such as wild pigs, sambar deer, barking deer, and serow were also captured in these camera traps.

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  • Rare Eagle species spotted injured in Punakha

    The eagle's left wing was found fatally wounded
    The fatally wounded eagle’s left wing was injured

    January 30, 2017: Thimphu: A forester in Punakha spotted a rare eagle species, Palla’s Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus leucoryphus) critically injured and lying helpless by the bank of Lakhu river in Punakha. The eagle, with its left wing broken was found lying on the sand, near the river at around 3:25 PM, on Sunday, 29 January 2017.

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  • Research paper on Individual tree basal area increment models for broadleaved forests in Bhutan

    The correct and accurate assessments of growing stock (stem volume) in combination with forest growth predictions from models are essential for sustainable forest management. So far, no such information exists for the broadleaved forests of Bhutan. This new research paper by Dr. Jigme Tenzin from the Watershed Management Division; Karma Tenzin, a Researcher at Tree Ring Laboratory, UWICE, Yusipang and Dr. Hasenauer, Boku University brings detail information for the broadleaved forests of Bhutan. The paper has been published in Forestry: An International of Forest Research on 27th January 2017.

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