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  • Bhutan is first among the Governments of Snow Leopard Range Countries to conduct the first national level camera trap survey of Snow Leopard

    23 October 2016, Thimphu: On the fourth International Snow Leopard Day, Bhutan joins other global communities to celebrate this important day and proudly declares an estimated 96 individuals to be found across the mountainous terrain of Northern Bhutan. Bhutan might be the only unique place where this species thrive in shared landscape with the nomadic herders.

    The nationwide survey was completed by a team of national staff from Department of Forest and Park Services over a period of almost two years commencing August 2015, initally, with the sign and prey base survey followed closely by the camera trap survey. About 147 forest staffs were involved in the survey, hiking for months through some of the country’s highest, steepest and remotest mountain ranges to confirm the presence of the elusive and endangered cat commonly known as the “Ghost of High Mountains”. They conducted systematic surveys of tracks as well as installing camera traps in 223 locations.

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  • Vacancy Announcement

    Trashigang Forest Division is pleased to announce the vacancy for the following position.

    Intrested candidates may apply to Administration Section, Divisional Forest Office, Trashigang, latest by 7th November, 2016. The selection interview will be conducted on 8th November, 2016 in Divisional Forest office Conference hall.

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  • Rare and elusive Clouded Leopard rescued from Punakha

    sedated-clouded-leopard18 October 2016, Thimphu: In what could go down the history of wildlife rescue, forestry officials of wildlife rescue centre at Taba and Wangdue Forest Division together rescued a clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) aged 6-7 years which was caught in an old cable snare set supposedly to ward off wild pest from vegetable garden at Mendrelgang in Punakha on October 16, 2016.

    According to rescue officials, the incident was reported by the farmer to the area Resoop who in turn reported to the concerned officials. “When we reached there, we found the clouded leopard caught in the cable snare,” said one of the rescue team members, Tsencho Tshering.

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  • Interview result for the post of Nursery Caretaker, ESP

    Gedu Forest Division is pleased to announce the selected candidate for the post of Nursery Caretaker, (ESP) as detailed below.

    Sl No.Name of the CandidatesCID No. Place of Posting Average Score in 100%Remarks
    1Shermaya Ghalley11209000265 

    Gedu Range under Gedu Forest Division

    60.7Not Selected
    2Deepa Devi Raini1021100102175.2Selected
    3Yagu Maya Ghalley1120200007369.7Not Selected

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