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  • Biogas for a Cheap and Sustainable Energy Source

    The Project Director presenting on the Bhutan Biogas Project
    The Project Director presenting on the Bhutan Biogas Project

    Thimphu: The Bhutan Biogas Project (BBP) has immensely benefited farmers in 17 Dzongkhags  by successfully installing 2,921 biogas plants till date reducing their daily workload and expenditure. The BBP  highlighted this in a media workshop held at Namgay Heritage Hotel on July 14.

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  • Vacancy Announcement

    WCNP, Bumthang is pleased to invite applications from the interested Bhutanese nationals for following posts:

    The interested candidates may apply to the Chief Forestry Officer, WCNP, Nasiphel, Chhoekhor,
    Bumthang latest by 26th July 2016 fulfilling the following criteria mentioned below:

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  • JSWNP implements SMART Patrolling

    Patrol Route Map
    Patrol Route Map

    7 July 2016: SMART was first introduced in 2013 with an objective to curb illegal activities. SMART is a site-based approach used to monitor and improve the effectiveness of conservation management. Despite numerous trainings and advocacy, RMNP is the lone agency under the Department of Forests and Park Services who effective used SMART tool in patrolling. On the contrary, protected area systems in Bhutan are all prone to poaching of one wildlife or the other. JSWNP on the other hand forms an indispensible conservation landscape as it connects Northern Protected Area Systems with the Trans boundary Manas Conservation Area through biological corridors. Moreover, JSWNP in itself harbours a good diversity of life with 39 mammal species, 270 birds, 139 butterflies, and numerous other life forms. Perhaps with 7 cat species, JSWNP is hotspots for wild felids. The 2015 National Tiger Survey revealed the presence of 12 individual tigers with an estimate of 14-26 tigers. Results also indicated that a viable breeding population of tigers are thriving in JSWNP, which calls for regular monitoring through patrolling.

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  • Samdrup Jongkhar saves an Indian Rock Python

    July 4, Samdrup Jongkhar: The Divisional Forest Office in Samdrup Jongkhar rescued an Indian Rock Python from Dzong Colony and released at a safe site towards Dewathang on the same day. It measured 9’7” (2.92m) and weighed around 10 kilograms. The snake known by its scientific name Python molurus is classified as Near Threatened under IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

    Despite being nonvenomous, timorous and lethargic, they are often killed by human due to their fearful appearance and size. However, one needs to be sensitised on its ecological importance as it has its own role in the ecosystem and to human kind.

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