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  • The first International Snow Leopard’s Day

    “Conserving Snow Leopards to secure a healthy mountain ecosystem”

    1 (2)4 November, Haa. Why are the Snow leopards important to conserve? This elusive snow leopard Panthera uncia, is under tremendous threat due to poaching and fragmentation of habitats across its geographical range. In order to affirm collective action to conserve this rare species and its fragile habitat, the Government of twelve snow leopard range countries and international partner agencies gathered at Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic in 2013 to develop the ‘Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Programme’ based on inputs from the respective range countries in the form of National Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Programme (NSLEPP). The forum amongst others unanimously adopted October 23 of every year as the “International Snow Leopards Day” and requested the respective Governments to observe this important day to benefit the snow leopard conservation.

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  • Common Leopard set free

    120 October, Sarpang. The Staff of Wildlife Rescue and Animal Health Section under Wildlife Conservation Division, DoFPS rushed to Thongjhazur village under Umling Geog in Sarpang Dzongkhag to rescue the common leopard which was caught in the trap set up by the villagers. The trapped was a male leopard weighing 65 kilograms and of approximately 7-8 years.

    The trap was set up at the distance of about 70-80 meters away from the village settlement for the protection of their field crops from wild animals like wild boar, sambar and barking deer. Further Mr. Tashi Tshering also said that the trap was set to protect their paddy and maize form the wild animals. Unfortunately common leopard was captured inside the trap in the night of 18th October. The villagers found this captured leopard while they were carrying out the Community forestry boundary survey and they immediately informed it to the Park Range Officer.

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  • The second annual Mt. Jomolhari festival

    Participants8-9 October, Soe: The two days festive occasion, particularly for the residents of northern community living in close proximity to snow leopard habitat joined by tourist, government officials, officials from Bhutan Foundation, Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC) and the public of Soe and Tshento gewogs celebrated the culture and tradition of the high land people thereby also educating the community on the importance of conservation of the endangered snow leopard and their age old traditions and customs.

    The second Mt. Jomolhari festival took place at Dangojang near Jomolhari base camp under Soe Park Range of Jigme Dorji National Park (JDNP). The festival is a community based initiative collaborated by JDNP and the Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED) which was funded by the Bhutan Foundation.

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