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  • Molecular Mapping and Genetic Characterization of Rust Resistance in Wheat

    Friday seminar on 27th November 2015:
    Venue: RDC Yusipang.


    The first aspect of this investigation covers QTL analysis of triple rust resistance segregating among W195/BT-Schomburgk Selection (BTSS) recombinant inbred line (RIL) population. Three QTL each for stripe rust (QYr.sun-3BS; QYr.sun-4DL; QYr.sun-7AS), leaf rust (QLr.sun-2BS; QLr.sun-3BS; QLr.sun-4DL) and stem rust (QSr.sun-2BL; QSr.sun-4DL; QSr.sun-6AS) resistance were identified. QYr.sun-3BS, QYr.sun-4DL, QLr.sun-4DL and QSr.sun-4DL were contributed by W195, whereas other QTL were contributed by the alternate parent BTSS.

    QTL analysis was followed by detailed characterization of the resistance loci. QYr.sun-3BS explained 34-59% phenotypic variation and was chosen for characterisation at different growth stages and temperature regimes. It expressed well at the 4th leaf stage at a higher than normal temperature (21±2 ºC) for stripe rust growth. This locus was formally named Yr58. The co-located QTL for stripe rust, leaf rust and stem rust resistance in chromosome 4DL was demonstrated to correspond to the pleiotropic adult plant resistance (APR) locus Yr46/Lr67/Sr55 through linked marker genotyping. Yr58 produced infection type 23C when present singly and in the presence of Yr46 it produced infection type; 1N.These results demonstrated the interaction of APR gene Yr46in improving expression of the middle stage resistance gene Yr58. QLr.sun-2BS and QSr.sun-6AS were confirmed to be Lr23 and Sr8a, respectively,through seedling tests using relevant pathotypes. QYr.sun-7AS, QLr.sun-3BS, QSr.sun-2BL appear to be unique APR loci and need to be characterised in detail.

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  • Handing Taking of Forest Plantation by NRDCL

    A50X9685 (1)November 9, Thimphu: The Hon’ble Chairman of the Druk Holding Investments (DHI), Dasho Sangay Khandu handed over the raised forest plantations of various species having commercial value to the Hon’ble Agriculture Secretary, Dasho Tenzing Dendup in commemoration to the 60th Birth Anniversary of the 4th Druk Gyalpo.

    From a total of 4206.86 acres of recent plantation, a total of 2177.83 acres of established plantation was handed over to the Department of Forest and Park Services.

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