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  • Bhutan today has 28 White-bellied Herons thriving

    Photo: yesheydorji.blogspot.com

    December 4, 2015, Lobesa: Bhutan today has 28 White-bellied Heron (WBH) individuals thriving in several river basins, revealed latest population census conducted by Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN) from 27 February to 3 March 2015. With just over 200 in the world, Bhutan has 14 percent of the world’s total WBH population.

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  • Second international workshop to coordinate conservation of WBH held

    IMG_20151201_1458461-4 Dec, 2015, Lobesa: A four-day international workshop with the theme ‘fostering international co-operation for conservation of critically endangered White-bellied heron’ is being held at Lobesa to redefine and agree the White-bellied Heron (WBH) conservation strategy in the WBH range countries such as Bhutan, China, India and Myanmar.

    The workshop is aimed to review 2015’s activities and gain new information about WBH while also providing and sharing additional technical and background information to be integrated into WBH conservation strategies. The presentations on research, activities and new information were made by the international participants from range countries.

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  • Notice inviting tender (limited bidding)

    Forest Resources Management Division of the Department of Forest and Park Services invites sealed bids for supply of Laboratory Drying Oven and Metal Detector from eligible Bhutanese suppliers having valid trade license. Complete set of bidding documents and terms and conditions can be obtained from AFD, MoAF during office hours upon payment of Nu.100.

    For further clarification contact Forest Resources Management Division at 02-327723 during office hours.

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  • Thesis Presentation on Molecular Mapping and Genetic Characterisation of Rust Resistance in Wheat

    mamtaThis Friday on 27/11/2015 at 10 am at the RDC Yusipang Conference Hall there will be a Thesis Presentation by Mamta Chhetri on Molecular Mapping and Genetic Characterisation of Rust Resistance in Wheat.

    Abstract: The first aspect of this investigation covers QTL analysis of triple rust resistance segregating among W195/BT-Schomburgk Selection (BTSS) recombinant inbred line (RIL) population. Three QTL each for stripe rust (QYr.sun-3BS; QYr.sun-4DL; QYr.sun-7AS), leaf rust (QLr.sun-2BS; QLr.sun-3BS; QLr.sun-4DL) and stem rust (QSr.sun-2BL; QSr.sun-4DL; QSr.sun-6AS) resistance were identified. QYr.sun-3BS, QYr.sun-4DL, QLr.sun-4DL and QSr.sun-4DL were contributed by W195, whereas other QTL were contributed by the alternate parent BTSS.

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