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  • First National Research Coordination Meeting underway

    1January 13-15, Gelephu: The first National Research Coordination meeting for the Department of Forests and Park Services is underway at Gelephu. Around sixty participants comprising of the Chief Forestry Officers and research section heads from various field offices are attending it.

    The meeting will identify research and information needs based on field requirement, potential collaborators from field offices, training needs for field personnel and prioritize the research needs.

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  • Notice Inviting Tender

    The Management of Green Bhutan Project, Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED), Department of Forests & Parks Services (DoFPS), Thimphu would like to invite sealed bids for root ball plant collection and plantation in Thimphu valley.

     As the nature of work is entirely of plant collection and plantation, the following criteria are binding for eligibility in the bidding.

    (a) Competent and experienced individuals/community in root balling and plantation: (Completion Certificate of past works completed or experienced certificate, necessary to enclose with tender documents.)

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  • FAO’s report on status of the World’s Soil Resources launched

    The Status of the World’s Soil Resources report was launched on the 4th December in FAO Head Quarter during the World Soil Day Celebration and the official closure of the 2015 International Year of Soil.

    The report is based on the assessment of more than 200 environmental scientists of the state-of-knowledge on soil resources and soil change. It reports on the major soil changes globally and in more detail on regional changes that includes scientific data on soil erosion, soil organic carbon change, soil sealing, soil nutrient changes etc.

    Mr. Chencho Norbu, the Director General of the Department of Forests and Park Services, is one of the Coordinating Lead Authorson the Chapter 7: The Impact of soil change on Ecosystem Services of SWSR.

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