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  • Third Asian Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation underway in New Delhi

    20160412_165221April 12-14, New Delhi: The 3rd Asian Ministerial Conference on tiger conservation is underway in New Delhi. Hosted by Government of India (GoI) and co-organised by the Global Tiger Forum (GTF) and the Global Tiger Initiative Council (GTIC), the conference is convened at a time when Global Media reports the first increase of global wild tigers by 20% from the 2010 baseline of 3200 tigers. Today, the population of global wild tiger is estimated at 3890.

    The conference was inaugurated by His Excellency, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister emphasised the need for collective efforts among the Tiger Range Countries (TRC’s).

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  • Vacancy Announcement

    The Royal Manas National park, Gelephu would like to announce vacancy for 4 Nos (GSP II) Royal elephant Mahout as per the approval of RCSC/HRMD/7/2016/3028 dated 24th March, 2016 and subsequent order No.MoAF/HRD/SEC/13/2016/2790 dated 1st April,2016 of the Hon’ble Secretary, MoAF,Thimphu.

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  • Airfare Quotation

    The Watershed Management Division (WMD) under Department of Forest and Park Services (DoFPS), MoAF, Thimphu, invites sealed quotations from authorized ticketing agents for travel as per the terms and conditions specified below:

    Terms and conditions:

    • The sealed quotation should be submitted to WMD, DoFPS, MoAF, Thimphu on 12  April 2016 at or before 1:00PM
    • The quotation must be addressed to the Chief Forestry Officer, WMD, DoFPS, MoAF, Thimphu
    • The quotation will be opened on the same day at 2:00 PM
    • Quotation received after the submission date and time will not be entertained
    • Confirmed itinerary with travel dates must be submitted at the time of submission of the quotation.
    • The decision of the tender committee will be final and binding. Only the selected will be contacted.

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  • The 4th Rhododendron festival

    The Department of Forests and Park Services in collaboration with communities of Chang, Kawang, Dagala and Toeb geogs will be organising the 4th Annual Rhododendron festival from 15-17th April 2016 at Royal Botanical Park, Lampelri with fund support from the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

    The festival will showcase several interesting programs on different themes like environment, cultural and food. Therefore, you are encouraged to attend and enjoy this exciting event.

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  • Bar-Headed Goose and Black Stork birds recorded in WCNP

    Bumthang: On March 21, two birds namely, the Bar-Headed Goose (Anserindicus) and Black Stork (Ciconianigra) were recorded for the first time in Wangchuck Centennial National Park (WCNP).

    Two Bar-Headed Goose were sighted on the banks of the Pralang River while a lone Black Stork was sighted perched on a dead blue pine tree below Pralang Village in Tang geog, both at an elevation of approximately 1680masl. During the daytime, both species feed on wet meadows and in wetlands and rivers. They are classified as Least Concern by IUCN. While the Goose is abundant on the neighbouring Tibetan Plateau and beyond, the Black Stork has long been in decline in Asia due to habitat degradation and is relatively rare.

    A Black Stork pair was reported by residents of Pralang, but during WCNP staff’s field visit, only a lone Black Stork was sighted. WCNP staff comprising of Sr. Ranger and Forester is currently monitoring the Stork’s roosting and feeding sites. Continue reading  Post ID 5680

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