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  • Lead Farmer Training for 2016 begins at ARDC-Wengkhar

    14731303_1117043611750424_415418132756432805_nNovember 23-25, Mongar: A training for 42 farmers identified from six eastern Dzongkhags who will be the lead farmers in farmer-to-farmer extension approach, demonstration and awareness for promotion of fruits, vegetables and cereal crops under CARLEP-Agriculture component begun at the Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC)-Wengkhar.

    Participants are introduced to the crops and management practices that they will be adopting under CARLEP led by ARDC-Wengkhar. It will be followed by the orchard layout and land preparation in the coming month. Participants will return in January to attend the second training session before taking planting materials to their sites to start implementing what is demonstrated and trained.

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  • Farmers learn about Citrus Fruit Drop Collection and Destruction at Drujeygang

    Collection of dropped fruits
    Collection of dropped fruits

    Dagana: About 109 participants including farmers and the Agriculture Extension Officers (AEOs) from geogs of Largyab, Tsangkha, Tsendagang, Gozhi and Dorona attended a campaign on Citrus Fruit Drop Collection and Destruction at Drujeygang geog on 17-18 November. It was organised by the National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) and the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector of Dagana.

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  • Gasa Dzongkhag leading the way in organic crop production

    The first ever registered farmers group Rangshin Sonam Detshen from Khatoed Geog, Gasa was certified as an organic group on 10 October 2016 by the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) in accordance with the Bhutan Organic Certification System (BOCS) Guidelines, 2013. The group owns approximately 25 acres of farm land.

    The 50 member group produced 25MT of organic potatoes under strict supervision of the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector, National Organic Program and BAFRA. However, delay in obtaining organic certification compelled some members to sell their produce at the farm gate price of Nu. 25 and about 10 MTs were retained as a seed potato.

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  • Director of DoA appointed

    3-118 November, Thimphu: Ms. Kinlay Tshering has been appointed as the new Director for the Department of Agriculture (DoA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF). She formerly served as the Chief Horticulture Officer for Horticulture Division, DoA, MoAF.

    Ms. Kinlay joined the civil service in 1999 as a researcher and has served for RNR research centers in Khangma, Wengkhar, Yusipang. She then joined the Council for RNR Research of Bhutan, MoAF as the Dy. Chief Research Officer in 2010.

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