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  • 2nd Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting of SFaMP-II

    31 August, Thimphu: The members of the Joint Coordinating Committee of Strengthening Farm Mechanization Project Phase-II (SFaMP-II) discussed on the proposal to include Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL) as a counterpart organisation and also to extend the project period by another year during the 2nd Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting of SFaMP-II.

    Due to the bifurcation of Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC) to FMCL, the objective of improved (hiring) service provision model of farm machinery which was initially mandated with AMC is now undertaken by FMCL. And since this objective is also an output for the project SFaMP-II, the project committee proposed to include FMCL as a counterpart organisation.

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  • Second Annual Mushroom Festival

    A50X0191August 15-16, Thimphu: The second annual Mushroom Festival was held in Geney geog celebrating the Royal Birth of HRH The Gyalsey, Jigme Namgyal Wangchuk. It also celebrated the 30 years of diplomatic relationship between JICA and Bhutan whereby the community and students showcased different mushrooms for sale, food stalls and cultural programs. The event was further aimed to help preserve and promote the culture and tradition as well as to improve the livelihood of the community.

    The festival celebrated the importance of mushroom and in particular matsutake mushroom which played a huge role in the socio-economic development of the geog. Mushroom is the major source of cash income for the Geney farmers. Last year alone, matsutake sale bagged around 87million Ngultrum.

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  • Notice Inviting Tender

    The National Seed Centre, Bhur, Gelephu, Department of Agricultural would like to invite sealed tenders from the National Eligible Bidders for the following work.

    Bidding documents should be submitted with proper compilation and binding and in accordance with the bidding data sheet. The document should be submitted to Officer Incharge, NSC, DoA, Bhur, Gelephu MoAF. 

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  • Shortlisted candidates at ARDC Bhur

    The Agriculture Research & Development Centre (ARDC) Bhur would like to announce the shortlisted candidate for the following post as detailed below:

    Note: The shortlisted candidates are requested to report for the selection interview as scheduled below, falling which his/her selection will not be entertained. The following documents must be produced in original during the time of interview:

    1. Valid security clearance (Online approved status).
    2. Valid Medical Certificate.
    3. Citizenship Identity Card.
    4. No Objection Certificate from employer, if employed.

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