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  • Picture Story: Japanese Delegation visiting Bhutan to learn about Bhutan’s Organic Programme

    Kisarazu City

    26 May 2017, Thimphu: A 10 Member Japanese Delegation from Kisarazu City of Chiba Prefecture led by the Hon’ble Mayor Yoshikuni Watanabe are on a visit to Bhutan upon the invitation of the MoAF Minister, Hon’ble Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji. The delegation was received by the Director General of BAFRA, the National Organic Programme Coordinator and the Secretary General of the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kisarazu City has declared itself as organic to create a sustainable city with nature and its citizens living in harmony. Therefore, the delegation is here to learn about Bhutan’s national programme for moving towards organic agriculture, sustainable environmentally friendly tourism and the GNH Concept.
    – ICTD

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  • Traditional Pottery thriving in Gangjur

    potMay 24, Lhuentse: The making of traditional pottery is almost an extinct practice in the country. But in Gangjur, it still thrives serving as an alternative source of income for three people working at the Traditional Pottery Centre of Gangjur.

    One of them is a 60 years old Karchung. He along with two others, a 62 year old Tshewang Choden and a 50 years old Zangmo are keeping the age old tradition still alive.

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  • National Workshop on Roadmap for Organic Agriculture policy in Bhutan ongoing

    Participants include FAO, WWF, Tarayana, Bhutan Alpine Seeds, YBC, BDBL, Sabha Bhutan and Mountain Hazelnut, relevant officials from Dzongkhag, NoP and DoA.
    Participants include FAO, WWF, Tarayana, Bhutan Alpine Seeds, YBC, BDBL, Sabha Bhutan, Mountain Hazelnut and relevant officials from Dzongkhag, NoP and DoA.

    23 May 2017, Thimphu: A two-day National Workshop on Roadmap for Organic Agriculture Policy in Bhutan began yesterday and will go on till today 23rd May 2017. The second level of consultations has been organised by the NOP and is being held at the City Hotel, Thimphu. The objective of the workshop is to present the initial findings from the assessment, and to seek everyone’s ideas and contributions before finalising the draft report detailing the findings and sharing the draft widely including on the websites of MOAF for further input from the public, so that eventually it will have a strong and well consulted and assessed strategy to support the development organic farming in Bhutan. The event is being graced by the Hon’ble minister of the Agriculture and Forests, Lyonpo Yeshey Dorji.

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  • Picture Story: 48 years old Tshewang Dema weeding her land in Gangjur


    May 23, Lhuentse: Farmers in Thoshopang under Gangjur geog are currently engaged with weeding in the maize fields which is grown once a year. One of them is a 48 years old Tshewang Dema who owns one langdo (a third of an acre) of land on steep slopes. Maize is her major crop, as vegetables and other crops do not grow well due to its difficult terrain. Five of her neighbours were helping her with the weeding. Farmers use maize mainly as fodder for their cattle while a few of them make Kharang and Tengma for their personal consumption as well as to feed a few of the poultry they are raising for eggs.

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