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  • A hybrid maize variety to be released soon 

    A new hybrid maize variety, Wengkhar Hybrid Maize 1 has been approved by the Variety Release Committee under the Ministry to be released soon.

    According to the Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC)-Wengkhar, the new variety is a heat tolerant, medium height and high yielding single cross hybrid with yellow dent kernel and yield potential of 1.8 to 2 t per acre.

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  • Auction Notice

    Agriculture and Research Development under the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests will be carrying out auctioning of Litchi fruits on 22nd May 2020 at 11.00 am. The interest bidders are requested to inspect the orchard and participate in the auction at conference hall of ARDC, Samtenling. The participants are required to fulfill the following terms and conditions:


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  • Announcement for registration of bidders for Cordyceps Auction 2020

    All interested individuals holding valid license and wish to participate as buyer in cordyceps auction 2020 are hereby notified to register themselves with the Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives, MoAF Thimphu.

    The registration will be open from 15 May till 15 June, 2020, and registration forms can be accessed from the website www.agrimarket.gov.bt .

    For registration and any clarifications, kindly contact Mr. Ram Lama at 77353577 during office hours.

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  • Ministry launched Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture program in Thimphu

    6 May, Thimphu: The Department of Agriculture (DoA) kick started the Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture program in Bebena, Thimphu by handing over 6.58 acres of land to 10 groups including 60 beneficiaries.

    According to the department, the program is being initiated as a part of the preparedness plan to ensure food security in the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is aimed to produce and supply vegetables for urban markets and provide alternative employment and income generating venture to laid-off employees.

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