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  • Vacancy at ARDC-Wengkhar

    The Agriculture Research and Development Centre (ARDC)- Wengkhar is pleased to announce vacancies for the following posts:

    Sl. No.PositionsCategoryPost VacantName of PlacementRemuneration
    1Farm LabourESP3ARDC-WengkharBasic Pay: Nu. 7000/- Other benefits as per existing rules
    1ARDSC Lingmethang
    1ARDSC Khangma

    The interested candidates may apply to the Program Director, ARDC-Wengkhar latest by 12th July 2019 along with the required documents.

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  • Result announcement for Farm Attendant at ARDC-Bajo, Wangduephodrang

    ARDC-Bajo is pleased to announce the result of selection interview held on 01/07/2019 for Farm Attendants under ESP category to be placed at ARDC-Bajo, Wangduephodrang as per details mentioned below:

    SlNoName of ApplicantCID No.Total ScoreRemarks
    1Mr. Tanka Nath Rizal1110300064866.94Selected
    2Ms. Lhaki1100500170459.28Selected
    3Ms. Pema Lhazom1060100243251.36Stand-by
    4Ms. Tshering Peldon1110500259253.42Stand-by
    5Ms. Sonam Lhamo1060500299458.02Stand-by

    The selected candidates should undergo Drug Test prior to appointment, failing which the position shall be offered to the next potential candidates in order of merit ranking.

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  • Result announcement for ESP at Chhimipang RP

    ARDC-Bajo is pleased to announce the result of selection interview held on 01/07/2019 for Farm Attendants under ESP category to be placed at Chhimipang Royal Project (CRP)-Punakha as per details mentioned below:

    SlNoName of ApplicantCID No.Total ScoreRemarks
    1Ms. Sangay  Choden1150100158681.44.Selected
    2Mr. Namgay Wangchuk1150500500680.36Selected
    3Ms. Namgay Wangmo1060800145264.42Selected
    4Mr. Tshering1020400031565.16Selected
    5Mr. Tashi Dargye1180800030164.1Selected
    6Ms. Tshering Choden1020400311787.2Selected
    7Mr. Kinley Phub1100500172085.94Selected
    8Ms. Tshewang Pem1110200442677.00Selected
    9Ms. Sangay Lhamo1050500095862.48Selected
    10Ms. Pema Wangmo1100800036183.76Selected
    11Mr. Sangay Yeshi1200500227776.80Selected
    12Mr. Sangay Wangdi1180500202367.66Selected
    13Mr. Chimi1080100198455.12Selected
    14Mr.Ghana Shyam Maidhaley1130700366754.42Selected
    15Ms. Beema Phuyal1130200298449.58Selected
    16Ms. Sithar Choden1071600001562.00Selected

    The above-selected Candidates are asked to report at ARDC-Bajo on July 04, 2019 for drug test report as per Section 4.11.2 Chapter 4, BCSR,2018 and submit to HRD, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests for their formal appointment order.

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  • Call for submission of papers for Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (VOLUME III ISSUE I)

    The Bhutanese Journal of Agriculture (BJA), Department of Agriculture, warmly invites authors to submit research articles to its 3rd Volume, Issue I, scheduled for launch on 5 February 2020, coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of HRH the Gyalsey.

    Please submit your manuscripts or articles to bja@moaf.gov.bt  Caption your emails as “BJA: Article Submission” for convenience.  Alternately, you can also visit our newly launched website www.bja.gov.bt where manuscripts can be uploaded or click here for the Guidelines.   

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  • Shortlisted candidates for ESP

    ARDC-Bajo has short listed the following applicants for the post of farm attendants under ESP category advertised vide No.ARDC-B/ADM-07/2018-2019/876, dated June 11, 2019 as mentioned below.

    Sl.NoName of ApplicantGenderCID NumberContact Number
    1Ms. Pabi Maya MongarF1180500104117807148/77214304
    2Ms. LhakiF1100500170417981301
    3Ms. Sanga  ChodenF1150100158617733612
    4Mr. DubaM1190200106977460674
    5Mr. Tanka Nath RizalM1110300064816902974
    6Mr. SitherlaM1060500293577677991
    7Ms. Pema LhazomF1060100243217346873
    8Mr. Namgay WangchukM1150500500617770394
    9Ms. Rupa Devi AdhikariF1180800051116902974
    10Ms. Namgay WangmoF1060800145217770394/77757976
    11Mr. TsheringM1020400031517307989
    12Ms. Tika Maya SanyasiF1180700136617418276
    13Mr. Tashi DargyeM1180800030117976693
    14Ms. Nisha TamangF1180200106817396360
    15Ms.Tshering ChodenF1020400311717686663
    16Mr. Kinley PhubM1100500172017344147
    17Ms. Tshering PeldonF1110500259217890071
    18Ms.Tshewang PemF1110200442617711881
    19Ms.Sangay LhamoF1050500095877734721
    20Ms. Sonam LhamoF1060500299417775120

    Therefore, the selection interview shall be held on Monday, July 01, 2019 at 9.00 AM in the office of the Program Director, ARDC, Bajo, Wangduephodrang failing which the candidates will not be entertained to sit for the selection interview. The following documents must be produced in original during the selection interview. Continue reading  Post ID 10997

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