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  • Selected candidates for farm attendant (ESP)

    ARDC Wengkhar is pleased to announce the following selected candidates for the post of farm attendant (ESP) as details mentioned below:

    The selected candidates should undergo Drug Test prior to appointment. If candidate fails the Drug Test, the position shall be cancelled.

     The selected candidates are asked to report to respective centres as  on 1st September 2018 for further process of drug test report as per Section 4.11.2. Chapter 4 of BCSR, 2018 and submit to HRD, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for further appointment.

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  • Addendum for the supply of energizer and accessories for electric fencing

    The National Plant Protection Centre, DoA, MoAF, Semtokha would like to issue an addendum for NIT bid reference no. NPPC/Tender/2018-19/01; Supply of Energizers & Accessories for Electric Fencing. In the price schedule form, Sl. No 1 to 4 of Category I, it is mentioned as LX-polar S2 & S5 (with and without LCD) Agriculture Fence Energizer. The LX-polar has been removed and the bidders are requested to note the changes and submit the bids accordingly as per the following table.


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  • 2nd Batch Training on Research Methodologies and Scientific Paper writing underway at AMTC, Paro

    27th August – 1st September 2018, Paro: The Agriculture Research and Extension Division, Department of Agriculture (DoA) is conducting the second round of Training on Research Methodologies and Scientific Paper Writing for the Young Agriculture Officers under Department of Agriculture.  A total  of 28 Agriculture Scientists from Agriculture Research and Development Centres (Bajo, Samtenling, Wengkhar & Yusipang), Central Programs (NPPC, NSSC, NMC, NSC, NPHC & AMC), and Agriculture Production Division are participating in the training.

    The objectives of the training are:

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  • Notification on promotion of Farm Machinery

    The Agriculture Machinery Centre under Department of Agriculture is mandated to ensure safe and efficient farm machinery use in the country.

    As per the discussion and amendment in 82nd RNR-GNH Committee held on 16th April 2017 any promotion with regards to labour saving farming technology by any agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, AMC is to be informed and involved.

    The Standards and Test Codes of farm machines are being continuously formulated and are endorsed at two levels, as a National Standard (Bhutan Standard Bureau) and Ministry level Standard (MoAF). Following this AMC has now active participation of the private sector enterprises by conforming the specifications and safety features of the machines and equipment being imported, to the set standards.

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  • Advisory note on fall armyworm

    Sign of fall armyworm damage (Photo:ICAR)

    As per the news release by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on 14thAugust, 2018, fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) was recently detected in India (first time in Asia) and likely to spread from India to other parts of Asia with South East Asia and South China most at risk.

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