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  • Aeroponic Production of potato minitubers: A successful third season

    Potatoes grown using aeroponic minituber production method

    We would like to share some pictures and updates on the aeroponic production of potato minitubers, as we begin this year’s harvest. This is the third season that we, National Potato Program and the National Seed Center (NSC), Paro, have successfully carried out production in the aeroponic unit built with the support of World Bank funded Decentralized Rural Development Project. NSC will also have another unit functional by the next season through the same support.

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  • Bhutanese Farmers try Hybrid Maize

    Hybrid Maize fields at Biru, Samtse

    In order to enhance maize productivity and contribute to food self sufficiency, the National Maize Program at RNR RDC Wengkhar, DoA MoAF explored the potentials of Hybrid Maize as a spring crop mainly as pre rice in fallow paddy fields. A total of five hybrid maize varieties were introduced from Pioneer Seeds, Hyderabad with supports of the Decentralized Rural Development Project, World Bank – Additional Financing, DoA MOAF (DRDP-WB/AF / Maize Research and Development).

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  • Farmers learn about Fruit Thinning and Harvesting Techniques

    20 June 2014, RC Wengkhar: A total of 35 orchard owners completed their final round of crop management training under the Systematic Training and Orchard Development Program for the 2013-14 Financial Year.

    The current batch of orchard owners have already undergone two rounds of training- Awareness on Available Technologies and Fruit Cultivation Practices. The recent training is specifically imparted on fruit thinning and harvesting of temperate and subtropical fruit plants. The training comprised of both in-house theoretical sessions and hands – on practice in the research and farmers’ fields.

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  • A Museum in Memory of Late Dasho Keiji Nishioka

    His Excellency Akihiko Tanaka and Hon’ble Secretary while inaugurating the Museum

    17 June 2014: ThePresident of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), His Excellency Mr. Akihiko Tanaka and Hon’ble Secretary, Dasho Tenzin Dhendup, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) jointly inaugurated a Museum in Memory of Late Dasho Keiji Nishioka at the Agriculture Machinery Centre in Bondey, Paro.

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  • A Viable Scheme to solve Water Shortages in Chongshing Gonpa

    Rainwater harvesting system under construction at Chongshing Gonpa

    30 May, Pemagatshel: The nine households living around Chongshing Gonpa in Pemagatshel have been facing water shortages for a long time. In order to solve their problem, the Dzongkhag Agriculture Sector has initiated the construction of a Rain Water Harvesting System for every household with a water holding capacity of 1500 litres.

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