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  • Quotation for Airfare

    The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, is pleased to invite sealed bids airfare quotation  for the following sector and date.

    Class: Economy

    Number of Pax: 2 (TWO)

             Date                                                  Sector


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  • Announcement: Cordycep is dutiable in Thailand

    This is to inform all concerned that, Cordycep is a dutiable good in Thailand. The Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives would like to recommend anyone wishing to export cordyceps to Thailand to kindly get import permit from the Thai Department of Health and Food Control and then declare at the customs at Bangkok airport. Then one has to pay 30 % duty on Thai value for cordyceps, which is fixed at Thai Baht 200,000 -2, 50,000 per kg (Nu. 4-5 lakhs per kg) depending upon quality assessed.

    And in the event, if the cordyceps is illegally imported then the goods will be confiscated for good. If confiscation is challenged, the case will be forwarded to Thai airport police, whereby, the illegal importer will be detained and charged with criminal acts, including imprisonment. Then 130% penalty will be imposed and the goods will not be returned as well. The export permits issued by Bhutan shall not be sufficient to legally import to Thailand.

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  • Eggs available at CFM at Nu. 260 per tray

    Eggs are available at the Centenary Farmers’ Market at 260 per crate despite the market conditions favouring a price hike. It will be available for sale from 31/07/1014 onwards at Bhutan Cooperative shop (Bcoop shop) opposite Taj Tashi at Nu. 260/tray. For further information kindly contact: 17819575/02-322909.

    – DAMC

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