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  • Shortlisted candidates at DoL

    As per the approval of the 453rd HRC Meeting held on 10/11/2020, the Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the following posts under the Department of Livestock as detailed below:

    Shortlisted candidates for the post of Extension Supervisor/ Livestock Health Supervisor & Livestock Production Supervisor (S2A) for 14 slots

    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal MarksRemarksInterview Schedule
    1Phurba Tamang1031000022171.43ShortlistedDate: 2/12/2020   Venue: DoL Conference Hall   Time:9.00 AM
    2Sonam Darjey1090400126471.33Shortlisted
    3Sangay Lhendup1070800091571.28Shortlisted
    4Hem Raj Subedi1030500251069.12Shortlisted
    5Tshering Phuntsho1160800373568.54Shortlisted
    6Chezang Dawa1110600114467.88Shortlisted
    7Rinchen Pelbar1070900498267.33Shortlisted
    8Karma Dorji1160500186165.54Shortlisted
    9Karma Gyeltshen1020300439165.13Shortlisted
    10Khem Lal Chapagai1120600178071.88Shortlisted
    11Sabina Gurung1121300237770.90Shortlisted
    12Neten Dorji1151500065570.40Shortlisted
    13Birendra Dhakal1120600270070.31Shortlisted
    14Devi Lal Phuyel1120600462669.49Shortlisted
    15Chencho Drugay1151200096869.49Shortlisted
    16Ugyen Dema1070400105969.36Shortlisted
    17Samten Leki1160100085769.31Shortlisted
    18Tshering Wangmo1150900395868.47Shortlisted
    19Samten Yuden1160600191068.26Shortlisted
    20Kinley Wangchuk1110600536068.20Shortlisted
    21Rinchen Wangmo1131200332166.74ShortlistedDate: 3/12/2020   Venue: DoL Conference Hall   Time :9.00 AM
    22Sonam Kiba1010100010166.72Shortlisted
    23Milan Acharya1121300601166.34Shortlisted
    24Manita Subba1180100065666.07Shortlisted
    25Sangay Choden1071400004565.15Shortlisted
    26Dawa Gyeltshen1160100258064.74Shortlisted
    27Tashi Tshewang1150800059264.52Shortlisted
    28Nisha Pradhan1120300237163.31Shortlisted
    29Yeshi Dorji1170100217263.11Shortlisted
    30Kinga Dorji1110600524662.66Shortlisted
    31Tshering Yangmo1080800174362.33Shortlisted
    32Indra Maya Pulami1180500004561.71Shortlisted
    33Kinzang Rinchen1110700352061.66Shortlisted
    34Sangay Pemo1151300018259.57Shortlisted
    35Nima Wangdi Tamang1131100002258.96Shortlisted
    Shortlisted candidates for the post of Plumber for 1 slot
    Sl. No.NameCIDTotal MarksRemarksInterview Schedule
    1Deki Wangmo1200100150477.17ShortlistedDate: 3/12/2020   Venue: DoL, Conference Hall  Time:9.00 AM
    2Tshering Tshoki1170500074684.27Shortlisted

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  • Shortlisted candidates at BLDCL

    BLDCL is pleased to notify all the shortlisted candidates for the interview of the following posts as under:

    1. Food Technology Supervisor
    Sl. NoNameCID No.Contact No.Date & Time
    1Cheki Lhamo1150200068517473540November 26, 2020 at 09.30 AM
    2Chenga Tshering1080700143917416941-do-
    3Kezang Loday1150600306277751046-do-
    4Pema Loday1151300361617713096-do-

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  • Shortlisted candidates at DoA and BAFRA

    As per the approval of 453rd HRC Meeting held on 10/11/2020, the Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the result of the shortlisted candidates for the following posts, Department of Agriculture & BAFRA as detailed below:

    Shortlisted candidates for the post of Extension Supervisor II, DoA & BAFRA, S2 A (3 posts)
    Sl. NameCIDTotal MarksInterview Schedule
    1Dilli Ram Chhetri1130400214473.07Date: 02/12/2020
    Venue: DoA Conference HallTime: 9.15 AM
    2Chandra Kumar Monger1130800155772.80
    3Ugyen Tshomo1200800006471.07
    4Ugyen Choden1150200223170.55
    5Karma Wangchuk1110500359969.65
    6Nim Dem1050500027868.61
    7Bhim Bahadur Limbu1121000003568.44
    8Karma Wangda1110800012368.25
    9Sangay Zam1200700051668.22
    Shortlisted candidates for the post of RQI  II, S2 A, BAFRA (1 post) 
    Sl. NameCIDTotal MarksInterview Schedule
    1Chenga Tshering1080700143970.92Date: 02/12/2020

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  • RNR Extension Manual 2021

    ICTD is in the process of bringing out the RNR Extension Manual 2021 (online). Therefore, we would like to request all the departments/agencies to kindly furnish updates of technical and any other information such as contact details and office name pertaining to your respective offices by referring the Manual 2020 (available at http://www.moaf.gov.bt/online-rnr-extension-manual-2020).

    Please send your changes for incorporation including the comment/feedback if any, latest by 30 November 2020 at ictd@moaf.gov.bt.

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