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  • Bhutan Bird Festival 2019

    Zhemgang Dzongkhag will be organizing a three days “Bhutan Bird Festival” coinciding with the Birth Anniversary of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo from 11th November 2019 to 13th November 2019 in Tingtibi Town. The festival has eleven enthralling events split into pre-festival, main events and post-festival programs.

    The Bhutan Bird Festival is organized with the main objectives to celebrate birth anniversary of our Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk and pay tribute to His Majesty’s visionary leadership to conservation in Bhutan. Henceforth, the festival will be an annual signature event to promote community-based ecotourism in Zhemgang.

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  • Shortlisted candidates for the post of Asst. Forester, S5 C on consolidate contract (ex-armed forces).

    The Department of Forests and Park Services  is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for selection of Asst. Forester, S5 C on consolidated contract (ex-armed forces) under  as detailed below.

    Sl.NoNameCID No
    1Ugyen Samdrup11302002112
    2Sonam Choten12006000299
    3Tshering Norbu11803001006
    4Dawa Penjor10304000238
    6Jigme Pelden11607002980
    8Jambay Tashi12006000298
    9Sangay Phuntsho10901000863
    10Rinzin Dorji11102005582
    11Nima Wangdi10706001643
    12Tshering Dorji10706001625
    13Tshewang Dorji10203000480
    14Ugyen Dorji10502000695
    15Sherab Dorji10709004513
    16Tashi Gyeltshen11315001488
    18Namgyel Tenzin11001000339
    19Sonam Penjor11112000001
    20Ugyen Wangchuk12007001529
    21Yeshi Wangchuk11302000729
    22Sonam Cheten10904000042
    23Yeshi Tshewang10906000902
    25Sonam Tharchen12006000386
    26Therbum Chador11109000596
    28Pema Lhendup12003002503
    31Chador Namgay11913002281
    32Tashi Namgyel11913002477
    33Karma Dukpa11901000040
    34Tshering Dhendruk12008002734
    35Tshering Penjor10801002534
    37Kinzang Dorji10703000591
    38Sonam Tobgay11105004470
    39Kelzang Dorji10311001049
    40Sonam Tobgay12006000383
    41Rinzin Wangdi10302000291
    42Tshering Dorji Chewa12002000763
    43Norbu Chozang10903002230
    45Nado Rinchen11913002380
    46Ugyen Wangchuk12004003278
    47Kinley Dorji11301001509
    48Tshering Phuntsho11407001198
    49Ugyen Chophel11512003257
    54Penden Wangchuk10602000740
    55Kunzang Lhendup10602000446
    56Kinley Wangdi11008001056
    57Pema Tshechu11302001579
    58Dorji Tsheten11605001645
    61Namgay Tshering11008000255
    62Tashi Phuntsho11704000966
    63Sangay Tshering10902001123
    65Pema Khandu11306001243
    66Kunzang Gyeltshen11509004127
    67Norbu Gyeltshen11512000522
    69Sherab Tharchen10715001392
    71Tshewang Rinzin10502001866
    73Sangay Dorji11501001547
    74Chado Phuntsho11501001578
    75Tshewang Chophel11505003201
    76Pasang Tenzin10904000106
    77Tenzin Dorji10905002618
    78Jangchuk Dorji11315001322
    80Jigme Dorji11901001207
    82Sangay Dorji10302001933
    85Tandin Tshering11216003170
    86Phub Tshering10810002063
    88Choten Tshering10810000875
    90Singye Dorji10604001263
    92Namgey Tenzin11805001543
    93Mindu Dorji12004002534
    94Tashi Wangdi11111002194
    95Karma Tashi10605003247
    96Karma Tharchen12006000911
    97Nima Tshering11007000940
    98Kinley Dorji11915001927
    99Karma Tobgay11204001414
    101Phuntsho Wangdi11510004000
    102Tshewang Dorji11216000475
    105Tshering Dorji11106002334
    106Sonam Wangdi10608000520
    107Samten Tshering11315001854
    109Sonam Gyeltshen11512001173
    110Sonam Wangdi10302000669
    111Dorji Dechen11104003773
    112Sangay Cheda10902000844
    113Neethy Dorji11601000611
    114Dorji Wangchuk10911000118
    115Tshewang Dorji11502002592
    118Sonam Phuntsho12005000829



    I. Marathon Race

    1. Date: 29 October 2019. (Tuesday)
    2. Reporting location: RCSC Parking.
    3. Distance: 15KM
    4. Candidate reporting time: 5:15 AM
    5. Marathon start: 6:00 AM sharp
    6. Marathon route: from RCSC parking road leading to Jungshina, Pamtsho, Dechencholing Taba, Lanjophakha and back to RCSC parking. (For further detail refer map)

    From the marathon race, the top 75 candidate will be selected for Viva Voce.

    II. Viva Voce 

    1. Venue   :          HRD conference
    2. Date      :          30-31 October, 2019
    3. Time     :          09 AM to 5 PM

    Note: The shortlisted candidates are required to report for the Marathon Race along with original CID at given time, failing which the candidates will be disqualified. The following documents must be produced in original during the time of Viva Voce interview:

    1. NOC or resignation order from armed force.
    2. Valid Security Clearance.
    3. Valid Medical certificate.
    4. Original CID
    5. Any other documents if any.

     For further information/clarification, please contact Human Resource Officer, HRD, MoAF at telephone numbers 332516 during office hours. 


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  • Announcement for Lateral Transfer

    The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce following vacancies under Department of Agricultural Marketing and Co-operatives on lateral transfer:


    Sl.No.Position TitlePosition LevelQualificationNo.of PostsPlace of PostingSuper-Structure
    1Dy. Chief Marketing OfficerP2APGDPA, Preference will be given to candidates with a Master’s degree in Economics/Agriculture Economics/ Business Administration /Commerce/Business Management/Agri-business31. MIRD, Thimphu
    2. RAMCO, Mongar
    3. RAMCO, Gelephu
    Administrative Services Group
    2Senior Marketing OfficerP3 APGDPA, Preference will be given to candidates with Bachelor’s degree in Economics/Agriculture Economics/ Business Administration /Commerce/Business Management/Agri-business31.MIRD Thimphu
    2.MDD, Thimphu
    3.CDD, Thimphu
    3Marketing OfficerP4 APGDPA, Preference will be given to candidates with Bachelor’s degree in Economics/Agriculture Economics/ Business Administration /Commerce/Business Management/Agri-business21. MDD, Thimphu
    2. CDD, Thimphu
    4Asst. Marketing OfficerP5Bachelor’s Degree ( Preference will be given to Bachelors in Economics/Commerce/Business Administration)21. RAMCO, Gelephu
    5Marketing AssistantS2-S1Diploma in Agriculture or Livestock51.RAMCO, Mongar
    2. RAMCO, Gelephu
    (3 slots)
    3. CDD, Thimphu
     Total Slots15 

    Interested in-service candidates who are within the same Super Structure Group and fulfilling the criteria as per Chapter 14 of BCSR 2018 may apply to Human Resource Division, Directorate Services, MoAF, Thimphu latest by 4th November, 2019.

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  • Shortlisted Candidate for the post of Animal Attendant

    The National Veterinary Hospital, Motithang is pleased to announce the short-listed candidates for the post of  Animal Attendant ESP as  details mentioned below:

    Sl.No.Name of the candidatesCID No.PostInterview Schedule
    1.Dechen Peldon11505002622Animal AttendantDate: 30th October 2019
    Venue: NVH, Motithang.
    Time: 9.30am
    2.Yeshi Choden11513001562Animal Attendant
    3.Pabitra Ghalley11204002088Animal Attendant
    4.Tara Man Gurung11201004917Animal Attendant
    5.Robi Maya Tamang11216000033Animal Attendant

    The following documents must be produced in original during the time of interview: Continue reading  Post ID 11678

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  • Training for effective participation in Codex Work held

    15-16 October, Paro: A two-day training for National Codex Committee (NCC) members and the officials of National Codex Contact Point (NCCP) of Bhutan was held from 15-16 August 2019 at Tashi Namgay Resort, Paro. The training was organised by the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, with the main objective to enhance participation of Bhutan to the work of Codex through training of officials of Codex (Bhutan) including, NCC members on the functioning and management of Codex work.
    The training methodology comprised of presentations, plenary discussions, and group works on Codex Alimentarius Commission; Codex Procedural Manual; International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) and International Health Regulations; stepwise Codex process for elaboration of standards, Codex work on methods of analysis and sampling, GMO, linkage between International Plant Protection Convention and Codex; and Codex web tools. Further, a pre-test questionnaire was administered to the participants before the commencement of the training to determine background knowledge on Codex activities. Post-test questionnaire was provided at the end of the two-days training to determine knowledge uptake. A comparative analysis of the result of the pre and post-training evaluation revealed significant improvement in the participants’ knowledge and understanding on the subject matters.
    The participants had the opportunity to engage in dialogue about the main elements of a national food control system and identify gaps and challenges for Bhutan’s national food control system. During the welcome remarks, Dr. Chador Wangdi, Offtg. Director General of BAFRA highlighted on the importance of participation in Codex work to raise awareness on the subjects of national interest so that, international Codex standards become suitable and applicable to Bhutan. He also mentioned that, since Codex standards are the bench mark standard for international food trade, it is very important that Bhutan takes preparatory steps to actively engage in the international standard setting process.
    The training is a part of activities of the Codex Trust Fund (CTF) joint project for Bhutan, India and Nepal with the goal to strengthen the function of National Codex Structures through effective engagement of all stakeholders in Codex activities and standard setting process, improved scientific and technical capacity of national experts to contribute to the scientific basis of Codex and promotion of sub-regional cooperation. It is also a part of follow-up activity to the training for Codex (Bhutan) officials on the functioning and management of Codex work at the Codex Contact Point office in India held from 27 to 31 August 2019 in New Delhi, India.

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