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  • NOTE: BAFRA Number NOT 115 as BBS is announcing but 155

    With regard to the announcement of public notification issued by BAFRA, we would like to inform you that BAFRA’s Toll Free number is wrongly being announced as 115 instead of 155 (one five five) on the announcements vide BBS on both television as well as Radio. The public notification that BAFRA issued clearly states that:

    BAFRA’s Toll Free number is 155

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  • FAO: Recruitment of National Consultant


    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Bhutan, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, would like to recruit a National Consultant for six months to help develop and deliver training on community-based forest management in five pilot Community Forests.

    Interested bidders may submit CVs, technical and financial proposals with detailed budget requirement breakdown by 12 June 2015 or contact FAO Country Office, Thimphu at 322424 ext-291 or by email at FAO-BT@fao.org for details.

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  • 5 June 2015: Celebrating World Environment Day


    Message from the Director General, Dr David James Molden, Director General, ICIMOD

    Improving disaster resilience- Lessons from the Nepal earthquake
    As the world celebrates World Environment Day, central Nepal, where ICIMOD is headquartered, is still recovering from a large earthquake that hit on 25 April 2015. We cannot think of the usual topics surrounding World Environment Day – clean water, clean air, well managed natural resources – without thinking of what the earthquake has done to the people of the region. To what extent can their lives be restored?

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  • Call for Participation: ICT for Mountain Development Award 2015 (5 June 2015)


    To mark World Environment Day 2015, ICIMOD is pleased to launch the ICT for Mountain Development Award 2015 on 5 June for the second consecutive year. The award recognises innovations, use and applications of Information and Communications Technology for Development (ICTD) that help to promote mountain development and environmental conservation. More details are given below and also available on our website at www.icimod.org/ict4md  

    ICT for Development is increasingly being used across the world, including in some parts of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region (HKH). However, we do not yet have a comprehensive picture of its use, application and proliferation in the mountain environment context.  We hope that through this annual ICT for Mountain Development Award, we will be able to learn more about its usage and application – where, how and what is being done in the region to benefit mountain communities.

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