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  • Vacancy Re-Announcement

    The Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the following vacancy for the following post;

    Position TitlePL/SLMinimum Qualification RequiredNo.of PostRemarks
    1Policy &Planning DivisionChief
    P1 ABachelors/Masters Degree with
    Advanced training in Dev.Studies,
    management. & Public Policy


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  • Revised fertilizer price for 2015

    The National Seed Centre based on the imported price and the pricing modality, notifies that the following selling price of the ferlilizers has been revised with effect from 1st January, 2015.

    Sl NoItemUnitPrevious Selling
    Price (Nu./bag)
    Revised Selling price (Nu./bag)
    1Urea 46 % N50 kg785.00895.00
    2Urea 46% N10 kg165.00190.00
    3Suphala (NPK 15:15:15)50 kg1490.001690.00
    4Suphala (NPK 15:15:15)20 kg605.00690.00
    5SSP (16% P2O)50 kg770.00895.00
    6MOP (60% K2O)50 kg1395.001855.00
    7DAP (18%N 46%P2o)50 kg2405.002405.00
    8Bone Meal50 kg1335.001335.00
     9CAN50 kg1335.001335.00
    10Borax 20% boron minimum5 kg1230.001230.00


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  • Announcement

    Agencies under the ministry who have submitted requisition for dzongkha keyboard are requested to collect the keyboard from ICS during office hours. Please contact Mr. Penjor @ 02323765 for more details.


    – ICS 

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