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  • Vacancy Announcement

    The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the following vacancies on contract for 2 years in National Seed Centre (NSC), Bondey, Paro, Department of Agriculture:

    Sl. NoPlace of postingPosition TitlePLMinimum Required QualificationPay (pay scale)No. of postsRemarks
    1NSC, Bondey Farm, ParoDriver III (Tractor)O4 ACl. VIII with certificate in Tractor Driving OR relevant experience and valid tractor driving license/ certificateNu.8505/- (8505-170-11055) plus 30% contract allowance1Pre-service
    2NSC, Bajo Farm, Wangdue1Pre-service
    3NSC, Bhur Farm, Sarpang1Pre-service


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  • Vacancy Re-announcement

    The Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the following vacancies for the following posts;

    Position TitlePL/SLMinimum Qualification RequiredNo. of PostRemarks
    1Gedu Division & Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, DoFPS, MoAFChief Forestry OfficerP1 ABachelor with Forestry/Wild life & Specialized training in relevant field2Re-announcement


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  • Result of the selection interview for the post of Site Engineer

    This is the result of the selection interview for the post of Site Engineer  P4A, Engineering Division held on 11/12/2014

    Sl. NoNameCID NoInterview Marks 50% (A)Academic 50% Marks (B)Total Marks (A+B)Remarks
    1Joshna Giri2120200013333.8338.1371.96
    2Sonam Zangmo1070900145538.3337.3175.64SELECTED
    3Dechen Chezom10905001112A     B     S     E     N     T
    4Dipen Chhetri11204004120A     B     S     E     N     T
     5Basanta Pradhan2120300001131.0035.1566.15
    6Richa Adhikari21805000185A     B     S     E     N     T
    7Narayan Dungana11308000947A     B     S     E     N     T
    8Chimi Wangmo1140100194738.3334.3972.72SELECTED
    9Tashi Wangmo1070600088936.2534.3070.55
    10Phub Om11902000039A     B     S     E     N     T
     11Deepa Thapa1130700174031.8334.1065.93
    12Deki Phuntsho1150100250439.9233.9973.90SELECTED
    13Kinley Chimi1050400072233.8333.8767.70
    14Sonam Dorji10207001311A     B     S     E     N     T
    15Karma Yangjay1151300388940.2533.7073.95SELECTED
    16Nima Wangdi11105000799A     B     S     E     N     T


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  • Evaluation Result for Kuchi Diana Irrigation Scheme

    The Ministerial Tender Committee of MoAF met on 12 December 2014 has awarded the Renovation of Kuchi Diana Irrigation Scheme to M/s Samphel Drukpa Construction, Lhuentse based on the re-evaluation results of Tender Evaluation Committee at the contract amount of Nu. 53548889.93. The Ministry’s here by request all bidders to seek any clarifications on the evaluated results with Department of Agriculture within the 10 days from the issuance of this notification which is uploaded in http://www.moaf.gov.bt/ www.cdb.gov.bt with the evaluated results. The Department shall not entertain any complaints after the expiry of 10 days and the date shall be effective from 15 December 2014.

    Click here for PRR3 Report

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