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  • Promotion Notification for July 2016

    In accordance with the Promotion Rules & Regulations of BCSR 2012, the promotion proposal for 1 July 2016 must reach the Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests (MoAF) on or before 20th April, 2016 for submission to Human Resource Committee. All are hereby instructed to fill up the Promotion Forms correctly and submit the following documents within the deadline. Promotion Forms are available at www.rcsc.gov.bt.

    1. Duly completed Promotion Form given at Annexure 13/1
    2. Promotion Summary Form (Annexure 13/2) in Excel sheet (both hard and soft copy)
    3. Supplementary Meritorious Promotion Proposal Form (Annexure 13/4) for meritorious promotion
    4. Appraisal Forms should be submitted as below:

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  • Vacancy announcement

    The Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to re-announce the following vacancy for the following post;



    Department/DivisionPosition  TitlePL/SLMinimum Qualification RequiredNo. of PostRemarks
    1Rural Development Training Centre, ZhemgangDirector II (Training)P1 ABachelors/Masters Degree with

    TOT; Leadership; Administration & Management


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  • Announcement

    National Plant Protection Centre (NPPC) would like to inform that of late there has been a lot of confusion regarding purchase of energizers for electric fencing. We do understand the confusion because Dzongkhags have been made to purchase other materials and accessories from the suppliers while energizer have to be procured from the NPPC. This arrangement has been made to ensure the quality and standard of energizers supplied to the country since the energizer being the main engine of the electric fencing.

    We would like to acknowledge that we were not able to disseminate the information well advance in time and avoid the confusion. However, we thought Dzongkhags were already aware of such arrangements and confusion wouldn’t arise. Nevertheless, we would like to take this opportunity to inform the Dzongkhags that energizers will have to be purchased from the NPPC on cash and carry basis while other materials will have to be purchased from the relevant suppliers as per the 2015-16 quotation. For kind information of all, we still have 892 nos. (S2-830; S5-62) of energizers in stock with the NPPC and Dzongkhags may like to purchase as and when necessary.

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  • Result of the Shortlisted Candidates for the post of driver

    The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the result of the shortlisted candidates for the post of Driver III, (Tractor), RNR-RDC Bhur, Department of Agriculture as mentioned below:

    Sl. NoName of the candidatesCID NoMarks Obtained (Cl.VIII)Interview Schedule
    1Dhan Bir Monger1181000148246%Date: 14/03/2016

    Time: 10.00 a.m

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  • Notification

    This is to notify all civil servants under Ministry of Agriculture and Forests that as a part of the Bhutan Civil Service Reform, Career Progression for Supervisory & Support Category has been amended by the Royal Civil Service Commission vide letter no. RCSC/BCSS-Reform/2015-2016/2808 dated March 4, 2016 which is attached herewith.

    In line with the Notification, the civil servants whose promotion has been stagnated are requested to process for 1st July 2016 promotion subject to fulfillment of promotion criteria prescribed in the Notification vide RCSC/LS-63/2016/2737 dated 4th March 2016 which is also attached herewith. The concerned departments/non-departmental agencies shall further circulate the Notification to their respective RDCs/centres/field offices under it.

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