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  • Annual Rhododendron Festival: 18-20 April 2014- Royal Botanical Park, Lampelri

    The communities of Chang, Kawang and Dagala gewog under Thimphu and Toeb gewog under Punakha will be showcasing the 2nd Annual Rhododendron festival from 18-20 April 2014 at the Royal Botanical Park, Lampelri. The festival is organised with support from Nature Recreation and Ecotourism Division (NRED) under the Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPs), the Tourism Council of Bhutan and World Wildlife Fund-Bhutan.

    During the festival, several interesting programs on environment, cultural and food and beverages theme will be showcased. Therefore, you are encouraged to attend and enjoy this exciting event. While you plan to attend the festival, kindly follow the road blocks timing to avoid inconveniences on the way.

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  • Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) Stakeholders Meeting

    To save time, funds and avoid duplication, RDC Yusipang will be organising a one day stakeholder’s meeting on 18 April 2014 at NRDCL Hall on establishment of network of PSPs with the aim to bring together all available information, identify common objectives and goals towards obtaining reliable information and agreeing on uniformity of sample plots, data collection and sharing of information amongst the stakeholders.

    One of the main objectives of the Department of Forests and Park Services in the 11th FYP is to generate scientific information for managing the forest and its resources on sustainable basis. As such the establishments of a network of Permanent sample plots (PSPs) in different ecological zones have been given top priority by the Department of Forests and Park Services. PSPs are necessary as they provide valuable information on forest structure and composition (regeneration, growth, mortality, gap dynamics, micro-site patterns, ground flora and fauna) and other factors that affect forest productivity and conservation over a long period of time especially in the face of climate change.

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  • Selections for Masters in Forestry at BOKU University

    DoFPS would like to inform the results of candidates who applied and have been selected for the Masters in Forestry at BOKU University in October 2014. They have been selected based on specific subject requirement of the BC-Cap Project and work experience through a series of competitive interviews carried out by Department of Forests and Park Services and Professor Georg Gratzer, the supervisor from BOKU.


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