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  • Announcement: Ebola Virus Disease

    Ministry of Health would like to inform all that with effect from 8 August 2014 World Health Organization has declared Ebola Outbreak in West Africa a Public Health Emergency of In­ternational Concern (PHEIC) and has issued the member states Temporary Recommendation under international Health Regualtion(2005) to reduce the International spread of Ebola.

    For updates on Ebola Viral Disease please visit www.health.gov.bt or click here

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  • Annual Mushroom Festival 2014

    The communities of Ura geog under Bumthang will be organizing the Annual Mushroom festival from 23-24August 2014 at Ura geog office. The festival is organized by Ura Mushroom conservation and Tourism Association (UMCTA) in collaboration with Thrumshingla National Park (TNP), Department of Forests and Park Services (DoFPS) and Tourism Council of Bhutan aiming to pay tribute and gratitude for 60th birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

    During the festival, native mushroom and other local product, Mushroom hunting, cultural program, local food and beverages with mushroom flavor will be showcased. Therefore, you are encouraged to attend and enjoy this exciting event.

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  • Airfare Quotations: Paro, China and Bangkok sectors

    Department of Livestock would like to request the ticketing agents to submit your Airfare quotations rates for the following sector as per the terms and conditions listed below:

    Terms and Conditions:

    1. Your quotation is to be submitted in a sealed envelope (official seal) which should be marked “Quotation for Airfare” with appropriate name of the signatory bearing office seal on company letter head.

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