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  • Shortlisted candidate for PD, RDC Bajo

    The Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidate for Program Director, RDC Bajo.

    NameEIDPosition TitleAgencyQualificationPosition LevelPlace of PostingDate of AppointmentRemarks
    Ngawang9901073Chief Dzongkhag Agriculture OfficerDoAM.Sc in Tropical AgricultureP1, AT/Yangtse Dzongkhag1/1/1999Eligible

    Written Examination: Date : November 18, 2014

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  • Award of contract for construction of Kuchi-Diana Irrigation Canal

    The Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests would like to inform all bidders that the evaluation of bids for the Construction of Kuchi-Diana Irrigation Canal under Yoeseltse geog, Samtse Dzongkhag is completed. In this regard, the above work will be awarded to M/s Passang Construction Pvt. Ltd. which scored the highest amongst the qualified bidders.

    Therefore, unsuccessful bidders are requested to collect their bid securities from the Department during office hours from 29 October 2014 onwards.

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  • User Manual for Google Apps

    This is to inform that the the following officials under the Ministry have not yet started using the Google Apps account allocated to them. Since the government is paying $30 per account annually, we would like to request the following officials to start using the account immediately.

    The end user manuals for the Google Apps suite can be download below:

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    This is to notify the category of stagnated civil servants who fulfill the following criteria was approved to be considered for promotion beyond P5A till P3A from January, 2015 onwards as per the normal civil service promotion rules and schedule in BCSR 2012 by Royal Civil Service Commission conveyed vide RCSC/HRMD/13/2014/1259 dated 16 October, 2014.

    1. Has class X pass certificate
    2. Two years Diploma+9-12 months up-gradation courses
    3. Granted entry/promotion to grade 10(S2A) by RCSC upon completion of the up-gradation course with the prior approval from RCSC.

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  • Notification: P5 Stagnated Officials

    As you may be well aware that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests has an issue of P5 stagnated officials and on the directives of the Ministry, the HR Division has repeatedly submitted the promotion proposal to the Royal Civil Service Commission for consideration. Nothing concrete has come out so far. Now, as a follow up to our earlier letters submitted, we will be once again submitting the issue to the Royal Civil Service Commission for their appropriate consideration.

    In this regard, we would like to finalise the number of P5 stagnated officials particularly those falling in the following category latest by 17 October 2014 in order to submit to Royal Civil Service Commission. The rest of the P5 stagnated officials falling in different categories, the HRD has adequately gathered information. You are requested to send the list of those who have Class X passed certificate + 2-Year Diploma/Certificate+3-month upgradation from CNR (then NRTI) and given recognition at par with 2 year CNR diploma( S2) as per the prescribed format given below (please submit the certificates of above courses to your respective HRO latest by 19 Oct 2014):

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