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  • Announcement re: Google Verification Code

    There still are some issues with the Google Verification code not supported for some numbers, with the mobile numbers starting with 16****** not being accepted and delayed sms responses for Tashi cell nos. These issues have been reported to google and we are still waiting action from google. Till now from the 4884 activated accounts, only 1741 have enrolled to 2-step authentication and 3143 users are yet to enroll.

    Moreover next week being the start of a long holiday, deadline for enabling the 2-step verification has been extended till 12 October, 2015.

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  • Promotion proposal for January 2016

    In accordance with the Promotion Rules & Regulations of BCSR 2012, the promotion proposal for 1 January 2016 must reach the Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests (MoAF) on or before 25th October, 2015 for submission to Human Resource Committee. All are hereby instructed to fill up the Promotion Forms correctly and submit the following documents within the deadline. Promotion forms are available at www.rcsc.gov.bt.

    1. Duly completed Promotion Form given at Annexure 13/1
    2. Promotion Summary Form (Annexure 13/2) in Excel sheet (both hard and soft copy)
    3. Supplementary Meritorious Promotion Proposal Form (Annexure 13/4) for meritorious promotion
    4. Appraisal Forms should be submitted as below:

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  • Announcement: The selected MoAF recipients of DoIM survey asked to respond ASAP

    The Department of Information and Media is conducting an online survey on the banning of social media in the govt. agencies. DoIM and the GNHC were directed by the Hon’ble PM to do an assessment on the aforementioned subject during the 8th GNH Commission Meeting.

    The DoIM, therefore, would like to seek the help of all the ICT officers of the ministries and agencies to inform the recipients of the survey questionnaire on the importance and urgency of the survey.

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