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  • Vacancy Re-Announcement for Specialist Head

    The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to re-announce the following position under the Department of Livestock (DoL) as detailed below:

    Sl. No. 
    Position Title & Level
    Place of Posting 
    No.of Slots
    Super Structure
    1Specialist Head (ES3-ES1)MSc.Animal Science with specialized training in relevant fieldNational Research and Development Centre for Animal Nutrition, Bumthang1Technical Services


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  • Selection Result for Driver III

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the selection interview result for the post of Driver III, O4A for National Research and Development Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries, Haa & National Dairy Research & Development Centre, Yusipang under Department of Livestock held on July 29, 2020 at HRD Conference Hall on consolidated contract for the duration of 3 years as detailed below:

    Sl. NoName CID No.Total MarksRemarks
    1Tashi Gyeltshen1080200146970.5Selected
    2Nedup Dorji1151600021870.1Selected
    3Kencho Dorji1030500122765.5Standby
    4Ajay Rai1121600269261.8Standby
    5Jas Man Subba11304000440ABSENT
    6Samdup Dorji10705004474

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  • Organic Vegetables Sale today at Bebena, Thimphu

    There will be an Organic Vegetables Sale today at Bebena, Thimphu from 4.30 pm. Therefore, the RNR staff and interested individuals are encouraged to visit and buy the natural produce at a good price.

    Vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, saag, bunching onion, green chilli, lettuce, zucchini, carrot, peas and beans will be available.

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  • Selection result for IFS Scholarship 2020

    The Human Resource Division, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the result of the selection interview held on July 23, 2020 for the IFS Scholarship 2020 as detailed below:

    Sl. NoNameEID No.New Position TitlePlace of PostingRemarks
     1Kinga Norbu2108020Sr. Forestry OfficerFPEDSelected
     2Tsheltrim Dorji20190112911Forestry OfficerParo DivisionSelected


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  • Bhutan RNR Statistics 2019 released

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to bring out the Bhutan RNR Statistics 2019. The publication is a compendium of the relevant statistics in the domain of Renewable Natural Resources collected by the Renewable Natural Resources Statistics Division (RSD) and various agencies within and outside the MoAF. The data presented are harmonized and validated by the RSD and the RNR Statistics Technical Working Group (RS-TWG) of the MoAF. As data are compiled from various sources, each statistical table is provided with the information sources so that data contributors are duly acknowledged and users can contact the source for further information.

    Click here for soft copy of statistics

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