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  • Shortlisted Candidates for Admin Asst. (CARLEP)

    With reference to the vacancy announcement for the post of Admin Asst. III published on October 6, 2020 the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates as detailed below:

    Sl No.NameCID
    1Tshering Lhamo11107003095
    2Kinga Rinzin10710002287
    3Leki Wangchuk12008002922
    4Wangchuk Dorji1166003486
    5Tshering Phuntsho11602001689


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  • Shortlisted candidates for various posts at BLDCL

    BLDCL is pleased to notify all the shortlisted candidates for the interview of the following posts as under:

    1. Executive Engineer (Civil)
    Sl.No.NameCIDMobile No.Date & Time
    1Gunja Raj Ghalley1121100048417786880November 9, 2020 at 9.30 AM
    2Jamyang Tenzin1170100170617686464-do-
    3Karma Yuden1150800062317276199/16923457-do-
    4Kezang Phuntsho1110700208617614690-do-
    5Pem Tashi1190700013417689784-do-
    6Pema Jigme1081100234117663766-do-
    7Sangay Zangmo1170300254717270886-do-
    8Sherab Tobzang1110700006017622983-do-
    9Sonam Pelden1191200218017639391-do-
    10Tshering Phuntsho1200700225517338933-do-

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  • Selection Result for Planning Officer (Lateral Transfer)

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is pleased to announce the selection interview result for the post of Planning Officer, Policy and Planning Division held on October 22, 2020 as detailed below:


    Sl No.NameEIDRemarks
    1Dorji Wangchuk20150105010Selected
    2Parladh Mahat2010050161st Standby
    3Phub Tshering2010050062nd Standby
    4Kezang Lhadon2008050633rd Standby


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  • Shortlisted candidates for ESP

    As per the announcement made in the MoAF website and Kuensel on dated 11th September 2020, the National Nucleus Pig Breeding Centre, Yusipang under DoL, MoAF is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the post of ESP as mentioned below.

    Sl.NoName of candidateCID No.Interview schedule
    1Chimi Dorji10903000260All shortlisted candidates will be phone called individually for interview time, date and venue, only after the RCSC issue official order on recruitment of ESP
    2Bir Lhamo Lepcha10211000198
    3Pem Tshomo10607002878
    4Chimi Dolkar11410006496
    5Bishal Gurung10303001554
    6Tandin Lhamo10808002305
    7Ugyen Wangchuk10705001482
    8Dabgay Lepcha11212001069
    9Palden Norbu11201001022
    10Sangay Dema10705000776
    11Jit Bahadur Gurung10304003622
    12Tandin Gyeltshen10908000123
    13Agam Singh Gurung11202005341
    14Nar Bdr. Gurung11216002145
    15Suk Man Gurung11216001957

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