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  • Distribution of Sanam Drupdrey 2019  

    The Sanam Drupdrey (RNR-Magazine) 2019 is ready for distribution. Therefore, all Departments/Agencies/Central and Dzongkhag offices under the Ministry as well as interested individuals are requested to collect the publication from ICTD during office hours please.

    – ICTD

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  • Selected candidates for Technician I

    TashichhoDzong Garden Project under His Majesty’s Secretariat is pleased to announce result for the post of Technician I (Plumber) through selection interview held on January 30, 2019.

    SL#NAMECID No.Interview MarksResult
    1Tandin Tshewang1130300066573.58Selected
    2Cheki Wangda1150600374580.00Selected
    3Tshering Lhamo1110300156065.67 
    4Karma Tshering1131500029754.83 
    5Dechen Peldon111050049150.00 
    6Tashi Dorji1170400034568.83 
    7Samten Wangmo1071200140665.17 
    8Dechen Pem1190300043059.00 
    9Sonam Tshewang1090200230370.42Stand by
    10Sonam Yangzom1060600191770.92 Stand by
    11Kinga Wangmo111060037390.00 
    12Tshering Wangmo1071000054264.00 

    Note: The selected candidates are hereby requested to report to TDGP office on 7th February, 2019 to complete HR formalities.

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  • Selected candidates for Caretaker

    The Jomotsangkha Wildlife Sanctuary, Samdrup Jongkhar is pleased to announce the result of candidates for the post of ESP-Caretaker for Samdrup Choling Park Range Office as detailed below:

    Sl. NoName of the candidates        CID No.            Total MarksRemark
    1Rinzin Dorji1110400385268.76Standby
    2Dhan Bhadur Tamang1110900269073.93SELECTED

    – Jomotsangkha Wildlife Sanctuary      

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  • Selection result for the post of Asst. Adm. Officer

    The Ministry of Agriculture & Forests is pleased to announce the result of the selection interview for the post of Asst. Admin. Officer held on 24/01/2019.

    Sl.NoName CID NoTotal     Remarks
    1Lhaki Choezang1191500063077.68Selected
    2Tashi Lhamo1160300373476.56Selected
    3Nar Maya Layo Monger1180600172975.30Selected
    4Yeshi Dema1150800187474.03Selected
    5Pema Thinley1010100234973.53Selected
    6Karma Choden1070900339573.38Standby
    7Rada Wangmo1191200029573.27Standby
    8Dorji Gyeltshen1060200059672.82Standby
    9Kinzang Lhadon1140500040072.40Standby
    10Thinley Namgay1151500179371.62Standby
    11Pema Tshewang1120300145171.10Standby
    12Tshering Lhamo1071200061670.34Standby
    13Deki Tshomo1080200014969.73Standby
    14Phuntsho Wangdi1010200160069.28Standby
    15Sonam Zangmo1081000035468.45Standby

    Note: All selected candidates are requested to report to Human Resource Division, MOAF on 7th February 2019 at 9:30 AM for placement.

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  • Selected candidates for the post of sweeper

    The Divisional Forest Office is pleased to announce the selected candidates for the post of 1 Sweeper (ESP) as detailed below

    SL.Name of CandidatesCID No%ObtainedRemarks
    1Ugyen Selden1160400215870.9 
    2Pema Tshomo1090300138075.3 
    3Tshering Lhamo1150800073977.32 Selected
    4Phub Gyem Tamang1180800131973.4 
    6Sangay Chezom1110700247977 Standby
    7Phuntso Wangmo1110200086569.92

    -Divisional Forest Office

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