Capacity Building Training on Pig Production to Progressive Pig Farmers of the Western Region

The farmer participants from the two geogs of Darla and Sampheling
The farmer participants from the two geogs of Darla and Sampheling

24-28 April, 2014, Sampheling: The Regional Pig Breeding Centre (RPBC), Yusipang in collaboration with the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Chukha conducted a five days training on “Capacity Building Training on Pig Production to Progressive Pig farmers of the Western Region.” A total of thirty one farmers from two geogs of Darla and Sampheling took part in the training. The training was conducted at Sampheling RNR-RC.

To train the farmers, a resource person from NPiDC, Gelephu, a resource person from RPBC, Yusipang and three piggery focal persons from Paro and Chukha Dzongkhag were invited for the training purpose. The training mainly focused on management of fatteners from weaner stage till finisher stage. They were also briefed on housing, feeding, and farm economic analysis, record keeping and submitting the project proposal. They were also encouraged to use locally available feed materials and housing materials in order to generate large percent of income.

In order to contribute in sustaining rural livelihood and reducing poverty, the piggery development sector in 11th five year plan has targeted to accelerate pork production. The pork production in the 11th plan is targeted to produce 1000 MT. In order to achieve this target, the old system of pig rearing has to be changed, i.e. rearing one or two numbers for household consumption into intensive pig farming. During the farmers training, they were briefed on the upcoming pig rearing system and rearing size with categorisation like backyard farming, micro farming, semi-commercial farming and commercial/mega farming.

A farmer receiving her certificate
A farmer receiving her certificate

During the training, farmers were also encouraged to start up breeding farms so that they can produce their own piglets for fattening and breeding purposes whereby reducing the pressure to central farms. Farmers were also briefed regarding the subsides like CGI Sheets, Cement, farm equipments and shed designs which they will be receiving from NPiDC, Gelephu, who coordinates such activities.

Since most of the pig farmers are students who did not complete school they were really interested in pig production in both breeding and fattening. In order to create self-employment and self-sufficiency in pork and its by products, the Piggery development sector with close consultation with the Department of Livestock should show the way forward in terms of any support to those interested pig farmers.

Most of the farmers have already put up their proposal to NPiDC, Gelephu and RPBC, Yusipang and some of them are on their way forward.

The training ended very fruitfully with many group discussions and certificates were also awarded to those trained pig farmers.

Reported by: Yang Tshering Lepcha, Livestock Production supervisor I, Regional Pig Breeding Centre, Yusipang    

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