Building CSIs capacity on food safety licensing and certification

3-6 August, Tsirang: Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) is organizing a four-day awareness training on food safety licensing and certification requirements for agro-based Cottage and Small Industries (CSI). A total of twenty six participants consisting of representatives from CSIs based in Tsirang, agriculture extension official and BAFRA officials are attending the training.

During the opening session, Gyem Bidha, the Chief of Food Safety and Quality Division highlighted the importance of CSIs in nation’s economic growth and improving the livelihood of rural population. She emphasized on the significance of meeting the food safety legal requirements for operating any kind of food business and certification to Bhutanese agro-based products for better market.

The training is being held to orient the CSIs on food safety licensing and certification requirements, enable the CSIs to understand and appreciate their primary role in ensuring food safety. It will also take stock of food business licensing status of CSIs and develop work plan for 2020-2021 as well as identify food safety parameters for testing of agro-based CSI products.

The workshop will cover presentations on licensing and certification requirements, working group sessions and Q&A sessions along with a visit to some of the identified CSIs in Tsirang. The training will also focus on sharing the experiences and challenges faced by CSIs in terms of licensing and certification for their products.

The training is being held as a part of the CSI flagship program focused at building capacity of CSIs in food safety licensing and certification for better market.


-Submitted by BAFRA

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