Building capacity for better participation in Codex Work

August 14-16, Paro: Twenty two participants from BAFRA, Department of Revenue and Customs and Food Corporation Limited attended a training workshop on “Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification” at Tashi Namgay Resort. It was facilitated by experts from the Codex Secretariat, WHO and Codex-India.

The workshop was aimed to strengthen the national codex programme in Bhutan and address some of the gaps identified by using the codex diagnostic tool. The specific objective of the workshop was to strengthen the understanding of codex texts on food import and export inspection and certification systems as developed by the codex committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems (CCFICS), the participation of Bhutan in the work of CCFICS and the inter-country collaboration in the development of common position on codex related issues.

The workshop covered presentations, plenary discussions and working group session. Participants had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue about the main elements of a national food control system and identify gaps and challenges for the Bhutan national food control system. In addition, participants discussed the issues on the agenda of CCFICS with a view to prepare for active participation at upcoming CCFICS meetings. Mechanisms were identified that would allow Bhutan to actively participate and contribute to the work of CCFICS, including identification of priority issues, coordination of position with other countries of the region

This workshop was one of the first activities of the Codex Trust Fund (CTF) joint project for Bhutan, India and Nepal to strengthen the function of National Codex Structures through effective engagement of all stakeholders in codex activities and standard setting process, improved scientific and technical capacity of national experts to contribute to the scientific basis of codex and promotion of sub-regional cooperation. This multi-country project is the first of its kind funded by CTF.


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