Budget Notification

With reference to letter No.DNB/DIV-I/2014/003 dated 10th July 2014, Budget Notification for FY 2014-15 of the Ministry of Finance, letter No.MoF.DNB/Rules-2/2014-15/030 dated 18th July 2014; Notification-Revision of Allowances & Benefits of the Ministry of Finance and MoAF/AFD/Budget (G)/2014-15/1373 dated 11th July 2014, AFD would like to notify following points to all our agencies for kind information and for further necessary action.


  1. Implementation of externally financed projects should be commenced only upon receipts of funds. As such, the budget provision for activities under external financing shall be incorporated as and when such funds are received. Further, for those activities which are included in the approved budget, no expenditure should be incurred and no tenders initiated until there is confirmation from the Department of National Budget that funds have been received and works can be initiated.


  1. Invitations for participation in the training, workshops, seminar, etc. by multi-lateral/bi-lateral agencies may be accepted and participated only if they are fully funded.


  1. Agencies shall refrain from procuring restricted items, such as high specification laptops, cameras, specialized equipment, etc. irrespective of source of funding. However, where it is absolutely necessary for the discharge of highly specialized functions, the heads of the agencies after proper scrutiny shall approve the procurement within the available budget without recourse to re-appropriation. The MoF has indicated that they shall not entertain any request for regularization of procurement of restricted items.


  1. TA/DA rates have been enhanced beginning 1st July 2014. The MoF, to this effect, informs agencies that the implementation of the revised rate shall be contained within the approved travel budget and no additional budget shall be provided. Further, with the enhance rates; it will be important for all travels irrespective of source of funding, to be scrutinized for their purpose and necessity. As such, Agencies are required to strictly monitor and authorize travels within the approved travel budget limits.


  1. For kind information, AFD would like to present the in-country DSA rates as issued by the MoF:


SL.No.Position LevelRevise DSA rates
1Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers & Equivalent PositionsActual
2Holders/Commissioners/Members, Constitutional Bodies, Members of Parliaments, Government Secretaries, Attorney Generals, Member of Privy Councils, Thrompons, EX/ES-1 to EX/ES-3.Actual lodging in one room plus Nu.800 or lump sum DA of Nu. 1500.
3P1 to P5Lump sum Nu. 1000
4S1 to S5Lump sum Nu. 750
5O1 to O4 and BelowLump sum Nu. 500


  1. The actual expenses shall be paid/reimbursed subject to production of original bills.
  2. Actual expenses shall not include alcohol beverages.
  3. Gup & Mangmi shall not be eligible for DA while travelling within their duty jurisdiction.
  4. When only lodge is provided, 50 percent of lump sum DA shall be paid to the civil servants position P1 and below.
  5. When both food & lodge is provided, only 20 percent of the lump sum DA shall be paid for incidental expenses.
  6. When food, lodge and out of pocket expense amount is provided, no DA shall be provided.
  7. Officials shall be entitled only 20 percent of the DA while accompanying Head of the Government, Cabinet Ministers and Equivalent positions.
  8. The use of porter and pony shall be allowed only where it is absolutely necessary depending on nature of travel with prior approval of head of the agency.



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