Budget Call Notification for FY 2017-18

The Department of National Budget, Ministry of Finance, has issued the Budget Call Notification for the FY 2017-18 vide letter No.MoF/Budget Call/2017-18/585 dated 9th January 2017 for submission of budget proposals by the budgetary bodies.

I would like to request all our Departments/Agencies to submit the proposals in line with the budget preparation guidelines.

The recurrent ceiling for the Ministry is Nu. 1,061.104 m. This ceiling excludes provision for pay and allowances, PF contribution and stipend.

The RGoB capital ceiling is Nu.337.640 m. While the Departments/Agencies may propose the donor funded activities over and above the RGoB capital ceiling, I would like to urge all our agencies to ensure that proposals are based on donor fund availability and within the implementing capacity.

The budget proposals may be submitted to the AFD on or before 10th February 2017.

While detail preparation guideline is being mentioned in the MoF’s budget call notification, I would like to reiterate following key points for further adherence by our agencies.

  1. The RGoB capital ceiling is meager. The Departments/Agencies are therefore requested to prioritize the activities from the external financing sources wherever possible. Only those activities which cannot be supported by the external financing may be proposed under RGoB financing with all necessary documents in place.
  1. All proposals must be in line with 11th FYP Programs and linked to annual objectives and targets outlined in the draft APA.
  2. Spillover or Ongoing activities should be given priority and No new activity should be initiated which is likely to go as spillover in the 12th FYP unless approved by the government.
  1. The soft copy of the budget write up including necessary supporting documents and inventories of building, equipment, computers and vehicles may be submitted to AFD.

As in the past, prior to submission of the budget proposal to DNB, we would like to carry out discussion within the Ministry to ensure that proposals are in line with the APA, proposed within the RGoB ceiling and complete in all respect. The schedule for the meeting is attached.

Click the following links for detail: 

1. Official letter from the Hon’ble Secretary, MoAF

2. Budget Call Notification for 2017-18 from DNB, MoF

3. Capital budget discussion schedule.


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