Buckwheat flour at B-COOP Shop

UntitledBuckwheat is considered as one of the staple food items in the country.In the last few years, there seems to be a decline in buckwheat flour consumers leading to production declination as well. But today, considering the major health benefits of the product, i.e. lowering the risk of diabetes and also other lifestyle related diseases, people have shown a lot of interest towards the product.

And incase if you are the one looking forward to changing your diet regime and shifting to a healthy diet plan, please start by trying the naturally grown buckwheat from Haa. A group of dedicated farmers from Langpa Nobgang Sanam Detshen, Haa Dzongkhag, are not only focusing towards revamping the buckwheat production but also trying to produce on a large scale employing many individuals. These groups of concerned farmers are also looking forward to preserving our age old healthy delicious food items such as Khule, Puta, Hoentey, etc. associated to Buckwheat, which are not consumed these days mainly due to non-availability of Buckwheat flour.

The products (bitter as well as sweet buckwheat)are now available at Nu.115/- per kgin both the B-Coop Shops: 1stBcoop shop-located at Motithangbelow JigmeNamgyal LSS and 2ndBcoop shop- opposite to National Handicraft Emporium, NorzinLam..

Kindly Contact 17685665/77397511 for more details.

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